“Romeo Is Bleeding” quotes

Plot – Jack Grimaldi is a former policeman, waiting in vain for his wife Natalie in a run-down bar in Phoenix. In the past he made a double play, revealing to Cosa Nostra some witnesses' refuge and letting so the Mafia to murder even some federal guards. Now Jack is scared because he has to deliver dangerous Mona De Markova to the justice to testify against Don Falcone.
All actors – Gary Oldman, Wallace Wood, Juliette Lewis, David Proval, Will Patton, Gene Canfield, Larry Joshua, Michael Wincott, Lena Olin, William Duff-Griffin, James Cromwell, Paul Butler, Annabella Sciorra, Tony Sirico, Victoria Bastel, Katrina Rae, Joe Paparone, Owen Hollander, Neal Jones, Roy Scheider, James Murtaugh, Gary Hope, Americo Mongiello, James Mongiello, Ron Perlman, , Ron Faber, Dennis Farina, Michael Lepre, Pete Macnamara, Jay Patterson, Stephen Tobolowsky
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