“The Betsy” quotes

Movie The Betsy
Title The Betsy
Year 1978
Director Daniel Petrie
Genre Drama
Plot – Loren Hardeman Senior is the founder of "Bethlehem Motors” in Detroit, a big automotive industry. Despite his age, he aims to build a revolutionary car which he calls "Betsy" and he delegates Angelo Perino to create it. Immediately Angelo unfriends Hardeman III, the grandson and the current firm's director who wants to take revenge on his grandfather. When Hardeman Senior is tired of the family's struggles, he's about to give up the project, but Angelo opposes because he owns the 51 percent of the "Bethlehem Motors” now.
All actors – Laurence Olivier, Robert Duvall, Katharine Ross, Tommy Lee Jones, Jane Alexander, Lesley-Anne Down, Joseph Wiseman, Kathleen Beller, Edward Herrmann, Paul Rudd, Roy Poole, Richard Venture
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