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Movie The Chase
Title The Chase
Year 1994
Director Adam Rifkin
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, Action
Plot – Alarmed by the arrival of two police officers at the convenience store where he has stopped, fugitive Jack Hammond uses a chocolate bar to fake having a gun, takes a young woman hostage and then takes a real pistol from one of the police officers. Driving the woman's car, he starts running down the highway, hunted by a gradually growing swarm of policemen. Leading the chase are agents Dobbs and Figus, who have a television crew filming everything live from the back of their car. Jack tries to reassure the young woman he does not want to hurt her, but she burns him with the lighter, almost causing an accident; then, leaning out the window, she throws up all over the windshield of the agents' car. Then the young woman calms down and the two introduce themselves: Jack is stunned to have Natalie hostage, she is the only daughter of a powerful local magnate, Dalton Voss, who in the meantime arrives enraged at police headquarters, threatening to have the captain removed if he does not free his daughter. Voss calls Jack, who refuses the money Voss offers him and who reprimands the billionaire on how he treats his daughter. Jack's attorney begs him in vain to surrender. Attempts by both the police and two fools with a van fail to stop the now well-matched couple, who allow themselves to have sex during the escape. Meanwhile, the police have erected a checkpoint on the border, which makes Jack turn around. After an unnecessary diversion, the car is forced to stop. Jack gives the gun to the young woman and turns himself in. However Natalie decides to take a reporter hostage and, seizing the television helicopter, flees with Jack to Mexico to begin a new life together.
All actors – Charlie Sheen, Kristy Swanson, Henry Rollins, Josh Mostel, Wayne Grace, Rocky Carroll, Miles Dougal, Ray Wise, Marshall Bell, Joey Sagal, Claudia Christian, Alex Morris
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