“The Couch Trip” quotes

Movie The Couch Trip
Title The Couch Trip
Year 1988
Director Michael Ritchie
Genre Comedy
Plot – George Maitlin is a psychiatrist who has a rich clientele with a lot of problems; he also stars in a very successful Los Angeles talk show where he deals with people's existential problems, especially those of a sexual nature. He has decided to take at least six months off to spend time with his wife in London, and his lawyer, who is also his friend and his wife's lover, finds him a good substitute in Dr. Lawrence Baird, who seems to meet the necessary requirements. However John Burns, a con man who has managed to get transferred from prison to Baird's clinic, randomly picks up the call from the office of Baird, who directs the mental institution in Illinois. Posing as the psychiatrist, Burns arrives in Beverly Hills after a lucky escape. Accustomed as he is to medical language and being very charming, Burns is very successful. Meanwhile, he meets Donald Becker, a wandering self-styled pastor and ecologist and crazier than Burns; he is also the only one to recognize Burns' deception. After the two become friends, Burns is unmasked and therefore pursued by Maitlin's lawyer, who had given him an advance of $200,000. Becker is also on the run after Burns has entrusted with the key to a deposit box with money inside, but Becker, who is the only real crazy person among them, climbs on top of the Hollywood sign near Beverly Hills with suicidal intents. Impressed by this gesture, Burns returns, reaches Becker and saves him.
All actors – Dan Aykroyd, Walter Matthau, Charles Grodin, Donna Dixon, Richard Romanus, Mary Gross, David Clennon, Arye Gross, Victoria Jackson, Michael DeLorenzo, Mickey Jones, J.E. Freeman
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