“They” quotes

Movie They
Title They
Year 2002
Director Robert Harmon
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Julia Lund is a psychology graduate student. After a terrifying event, she starts to think her awful childhood had been real and could come back again.
All actors – Laura Regan, Marc Blucas, Ethan Embry, Dagmara Dominczyk, Jon Abrahams, Alexander Gould, Desiree Zurowski, Mark Hildreth, Jonathan Cherry, Peter LaCroix, Jessica Amlee, Jay Brazeau
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  • “- Julia Lund: Sarah, do you have bad dreams?
    - Sarah: Sometimes.
    - Julia Lund: What happens in your dreams?
    - Sarah: They come for me.
    - Julia Lund: Who comes?
    - Sarah: They.”

    Laura Regan - Julia Lund
    Jodelle Ferland - Sarah
    [Tag:dreams, fear]
  • “Subject is suffering posttraumatic stress from witnessing the suicide of a close friend. Influenced by the erratic behavior of two strangers she allows herself to entertain the paranoid schizophrenic delusions of her dead friend.”
    Laura Regan - Julia Lund
    [Tag:disease, mind, suicide]
  • “Playing a good game of pool's a sign of being well-rounded, you know.”
    Marc Blucas - Paul Loomis
  • “The guy engages his mouth before his brain sometimes.”

    Dagmara Dominczyk - Terry Alba
  • “- Julia Lund: Are you drunk?
    - Paul Loomis: I prefer intoxicated.”

    Laura Regan - Julia Lund
    Marc Blucas - Paul Loomis
  • “I mean, I'm 24-years-old and I walk into a darkroom now and it's like I'm five again.”
    Dagmara Dominczyk - Terry Alba
    [Tag:darkness, fear]
  • “- Billy Parks: When you hear a baby crying, or you hear a kid crying, you keep moving, okay? Children can sense them. It's your warning.
    - Julia Lund: Warning against what?
    - Billy Parks: Also, they affect the electrical things. They affect the lights and the phones. They - they affect things.”

    Jon Abrahams - Billy Parks
    Laura Regan - Julia Lund
  • “I think our night terrors may not have been induced by emotional trauma at all. Maybe something really did come for us when we were kids and planted something in us and, whatever it was, it left a mark...”
    Laura Regan - Julia Lund
    [Tag:children, dreams]
  • “- Terry Alba: You know, there's something seriously demented about you. Do you know that?
    - Sam Burnside: You know, maybe I should've gone to law school.
    - Terry Alba: Like I said... demented.”

    Dagmara Dominczyk - Terry Alba
    Ethan Embry - Sam Burnside
  • “- Terry Alba: What do you think went through Billy's mind when he did it?
    - Sam Burnside: The bullet.”

    Dagmara Dominczyk - Terry Alba
    Ethan Embry - Sam Burnside
    [Tag:madness, weapons]