• - Dave York: Oh. Alright. Well, guess what. There is no sin. No virtue. It’s just shit people do. They trained us to kill people and risk our lives doing it. And then one day, you get a call saying they’re done with you. “Thank you for your service. Here’s a plaque”. You need a job? Good luck. You need medical insurance? See the VA. One day, you’re an asset. The next, you’re a fucking afterthought. It was a natural evolution. It’s who we were. It’s what we did. It’s what you did. Now it’s what we do.
    - Robert McCall: We?
    - Dave York: It’s not just me, Mac. It’s all of us. Ari, Resnik, Kovac. All of us.
    - Robert McCall: Family.

    Pedro Pascal - Dave York
    Denzel Washington - Robert McCall
Quote details Movie (The Equalizer 2)

4/23/19 at 9:18 PM
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