• “- Martin Riggs: Look, that kid was a killer, alright? That wasn't a Tinker Toy in his hand, that was a machine pistol with twin carbies and all the trimmings, man! He would've drilled you, me, anybody that came along, alright? You had no choice.
    - Roger Murtaugh: Oh no, it didn't happen to you, Riggs, it happened to me! It happened to me! I killed that kid, I killed that boy. Oh yeah, oh you killed a lot of people, you kill a fuckin' lot of people. You ever kill a baby?”

    after Murtaugh killed a young perpetrator, a friend of his son

    Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs
    Danny Glover - Roger Murtaugh
Quote details Movie (Lethal Weapon 3)

4/12/02 at 8:06 PM
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