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2/3/15 at 7:52 PM
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  • “- Amir Abdullah: You know what I think? You're stealing gold, that's what I think. We're fighting Saddam and dying, and you're stealing gold.
    - Archie Gates: You're wrong.
    - Amir Abdullah: They have half a million men in the desert and they send four guys to pick up all this bullion? I don't think so.”

    Cliff Curtis - Amir Abdulah
    George Clooney - Archie Gates
    [Tag:gold, thieves, war]
  • “- Gavin Lamb: My mum says she's worth her weight in gold.
    - Jenny: Oh, in that case, she must be very valuable indeed.”

    Jesse Birdsall - Gavin Lamb
    Jane Horrocks - Jenny
    [Tag:gold, values, worth]
  • “- Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener: Needless to say, the Germans couldn't give a damn about the Boers. The diamonds and gold of South Africa they're after.
    - Major Charles Bolton: They lack our altruism, sir.
    - Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener: Quite.”

    Alan Cassell - Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener
    Rod Mullinar - Major Charles Bolton
    [Tag:germany, gold]
  • “- Old Prospector: What are you prospecting?
    - Beaudray Demerille: Oh, ah, silver...
    - Wanda Nevada: ...and gold!
    - Beaudray Demerille: Shh!
    - Old Prospector: Everyone knows there is no gold in the Grand Canyon!”

    Henry Fonda - Old Prospector
    Peter Fonda - Beaudray Demerille
    Brooke Shields - Wanda Nevada
    [Tag:expectation, gold]
  • “- Bilbo Baggins: A box without hinges, key, or a lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
    - Gollum: Eggs! Eggs is the answer.”

    Orson Bean - Bilbo
    Brother Theodore - Gollum
    [Tag:gold, questions]