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10/4/13 at 5:36 AM
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  • “- Lars Larson: You have to go home. There's some kind of emergency at the trailer park.
    - Amber Atkins: Relax, that's my ma's code for bring home milk and a carton of Lucky's.
    - Lars Larson: No, Loretta called; there's been a fire!”

    Tom Gilshannon - Lars Larson
    Kirsten Dunst - Amber Atkins
    [Tag:danger, fire]
  • “- Charlie: Mr. Wonka, they won't really be burned in the furnace, will they?
    - Willy Wonka: Hm... well, I think that furnace is only lit every other day, so they have a good sporting chance, haven't they?”

    Peter Ostrum - Charlie
    Gene Wilder - Willy Wonka
  • “Once you are inside, the doors are chained and locked from the outside. They will not be opened again until morning, no matter what. Should a fire occur due to our faulty wiring or, uh, the fireworks factory upstairs you will be incinerated along with the valuables that you have hidden in your anus. Tips are greatly appreciated.”

    Joanna Lumley - Hostel Clerk
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  • “- Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire!
    - Anna: You don't want me following you into fire? Then don't run into fire!”

    Idina Menzel - Elsa
    Kristen Bell - Anna
    [Tag:danger, fire]
  • “Elian and Fidel! Que pasa jota!? Hahaha! Hey man, I'll clean your widshield for ya! Hahaha! Uno, tres, cuatro, fourtro, taco! Everything's copecetic homie! Me gusta chocha... Kiss my ass puto...”

    Tyrese Gibson - Roman Pearce
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