“Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” quotes

Movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Title Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Year 1971
Director Mel Stuart
Genre Musical, Family, Fantasy
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Plot – Willy Wonka is the owner of a confectionery factory known for the excellence of its products. Since the ingenious patents for the sweets' production are the subject of the competitors' curiosity, for years Willy Wonka hasn't allowed any stranger to cross the threshold of the factory. One day it’s announced the launch of an international contest: the five people who will find a gold ticket inside a "Wonka" chocolate bar will be allowed to visit the factory and will be able to make full use of its products always and forever. The hunt for the “golden Wonka” immediately starts: finally, five lucky children can enter the mysterious factory, accompanied by their families. The wonders of the factory, where short humans with orange skin works, leave visitors amazed. However, they will be individually punished because they have proved to be too greedy or too capricious. Only one, the poorest and the most honest Charlie, can overcome the various tests that the eccentric Willy Wonka will put him through.
All actors – Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum, Roy Kinnear, Julie Dawn Cole, Leonard Stone, Denise Nickerson, Nora Denney, Paris Themmen, Ursula Reit, Michael Bollner, Diana Sowle, Aubrey Woods, David Battley, Günter Meisner, Peter Capell, Werner Heyking, Peter Stuart, Dora Altmann, Victor Beaumont, Rudy Borgstaller, Tim Brooke-Taylor, George Claydon, Pat Coombs, Frank Delfino, Malcolm Dixon, Stephen Dunne, Michael Gahr, Rusty Goffe, Kurt Großkurth, Shin Hamano, Ismed Hassan, Jack Latham, Franziska Liebing, Gloria Manon, Norman McGlen, Angelo Muscat, Ed Peck, Pepe Poupee, Marcus Powell, Bob Roe, Madeline Stuart, Albert Wilkinson, Ernst Ziegler
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