“Wish I Was Here” quotes

Movie Wish I Was Here
Zach Braff directed this movie in 2014
Title Wish I Was Here
Year 2014
Director Zach Braff
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Aidan Bloom is a 35-year-old husband and father of two, struggling to be an actor in L.A. while his wife, Sarah works a boring data job. He is trying to find his identity and a purpose in life but soon he will be forced to examine his life, his family and his career choice. When his father Gabe reveals his cancer has come back, Aidan ends up home schooling his children because they can no longer afford to pay for school since Gabe decides to put all of his money into a new stem cell treatment. And so begins a big adventure of life teaching and self-discovery, not only for the kids but also for Aidan who gradually discovers some parts of himself he couldn't find for a long time.
All actors – Zach Braff, Pierce Gagnon, Kate Hudson, Joey King, Alexander Chaplin, Leslie David Baker, James Avery, Ato Essandoh, Jim Parsons, Mark Thudium, Mandy Patinkin, Josh Gad, Allan Rich, Ashley Greene, Michael Weston, Cody Sullivan, Bruce Nozick, Matt Winston, Donald Faison, Taylor Bagley, Jennifer Terry, Jackie Johnson, Bob Clendenin, Silvia Curiel, Nichole Galicia, Charlie, , Troy Beemer, Mark Dennis, Noa Ervin, Taylor Hair, Kevin Ho, Ross Ingram, Sharon Lazarus, Stephan Pettit, Casey Ford Alexander, Meli Alexander, Andrew Anderson, Lucy Angelo, Jessica Belkin, Bill Blair, Drew Breeden, Gina Cantrell, Ally Carlson, Vernon Courteaux, Christopher Craven, Ari Feblowitz, Caleb Grant, Jordan Greenbaum, Brandon Henschel, Hans Hernke, Robert Hornak, A.J. Hudson, Lala Kanian, Frederick Keeve, Anne McDaniels, Cecilia McIntyre, Rachel McVay, McKaley Miller, Teebone Mitchell, Tina Redmond, Franklin Ruehl, Ameet Shukla, Anthony Alexander Smith, Peter Tahoe, Vera R. Taylor, USC Trojan Marching Band, David Villada, Max Wright
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  • “The wisdom that came up for me was that, the things left unsaid, stay with us forever. I wish nothing more than if I could tell my sister how much I loved her and that I always idolized her, but we never said those things. We just weren't like that. Then suddenly one day she's gone. And I have all these things to say, but no one to say them to.”
    Kate Hudson - Sarah Bloom
    [Tag:death, sisters, wisdom]
  • “I know that you're sad. But we're sad too, and we should all be together. Listen, I know that you don't believe in God but maybe you can believe in family.”
    Joey King - Grace Bloom
    [Tag:family, god, sadness]
  • “Fuck apps; it's a saturated market. I'm going to start blogging.”
    Josh Gad - Noah Bloom
    [Tag:blog, marketing]
  • “God can be whatever you want him to be. You're getting tangled in semantics. Try not to get caught up in the God who wants you to be kosher, or the guy that wants you to study the Torah. Start with God as the infinite universe, and imagine that force may be trying desperately to guide you through the most challenging part of your life.”
    Alexander Chaplin - Rabbi Rosenberg
    [Tag:god, life, universe]
  • “When I was a kid my brother and I used to pretend we were heroes with swords. We were the only ones who could save the day. but perhaps we set the bar a little bit high. Maybe we were just regular people, the ones who get saved.”
    Zach Braff - Aidan Bloom