“A Day at the Races” quotes

Movie A Day at the Races
Sam Wood directed this movie in 1937
Title A Day at the Races
Year 1937
Director Sam Wood
Genre Comedy, Sport
Plot – Standish's clinic is on the edge of bankruptcy. The owner Judy Standish can no longer face the debts and Morgan tries to take advantage of the situation with the complicity of the administrator as he wants to change the elegant clinic into a casino. A rich patient will help Judy giving her a strong loan on condition that she'll be cured by Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush, who actually is a vet.
All actors – Brothers The Marx, Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Allan Jones, Maureen O'Sullivan, Margaret Dumont, Leonard Ceeley, Douglass Dumbrille, Esther Muir, Sig Ruman, Robert Middlemass, Vivien Fay, Ivie Anderson, Choir The Crinoline, Hooper Atchley, King Baggot, Kenny Baker, Vivian Barry, Barbara Bedford, Vangie Beilby, Edna Bennett, Edward Biby, Lennie Bluett, Boys The Plantation, Troy Brown Sr., Jean Burt, Ben Carter, Ruth Cherrington, Jacqueline Clancy, Gino Corrado, DeForest Covan, George Cowl, Jack Daley, Dorothy Dandridge, Vivian Dandridge, Frankie Darro, Frank Dawson, Dudley Dickerson, Helen Dickson, Billy Dooley, Edward Earle, Aaron Edwards, Richard Farnsworth, Pat Flaherty, Bess Flowers, Ray Flynn, Byron Foulger, J.C. Fowler, Jack George, John Hiestand, Leyland Hodgson, Arthur Stuart Hull, John Hyams, William Irving, Si Jenks, Jack W. Johnston, Darby Jones, Etta Jones, Jack Kenny, Edith Kingdon, Carole Landis, Harry Lash, Alexander Leftwich, Edward LeSaint, Carl M. Leviness, Max Lucke, Wilbur Mack, Mary MacLaren, Charles McAvoy, Alex Melesh, Bert Moorhouse, Edmund Mortimer, Etta Moten, Henry Mowbray, Lee Murray, Field Norton, Jack Norton, Frank O'Connor, Cullen and Pauline, Victor Potel, Russ Powell, James Quinn, Bob Reeves, Cyril Ring, Gus Robinson, Allen D. Sewall, Four Hot Shots, Phillips Smalley, Arthur Thalasso, Chocolateers The Three, Charles Trowbridge, Elizabeth Williams, Harry Wilson, Florence Wix, Buck Woods
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