“Horse Feathers” quotes

Movie Horse Feathers
Title Horse Feathers
Year 1932
Director Norman Z. McLeod
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance, Sport
Plot – Groucho is elected dean of Huxley College, whose football team hasn't won the championship for a long time. Actually his purpose is to take his son back to school, seduced by an attractive widow. To revive the team's fortunes, Groucho hires by mistake a dog catcher and a bartender and the university life will be extremely shaken by these characters. Absurd but refined, messy but theoretical: the Marx Brothers' humor gives some brilliant gags to this movie. Furthermore, it's full of verbal, musical and hilarious numbers.
All actors – Brothers The Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx, Thelma Todd, David Landau, Bobby Barber, Reginald Barlow, Vince Barnett, Sheila Bromley, E.H. Calvert
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