“And the Band Played On” quotes

Movie And the Band Played On
Title And the Band Played On
Year 1993
Director Roger Spottiswoode
Genre Drama
Plot – Dr. Francis is one of the first doctors to understand the danger of a mysterious epidemic which has already devastated many victims in Africa and it's spreading all over the world. The moral and respectable American society remains indifferent as it considers the HIV virus dangerous only for homosexuals. Dr. Francis has to fight a real war to raise the public awareness about the mortal disease.
All actors – Matthew Modine, Alan Alda, Patrick Bauchau, Nathalie Baye, Christian Clemenson, David Clennon, Phil Collins, Bud Cort, Alex Courtney, David Dukes, Richard Gere, David Marshall Grant
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  • “- Dr. Mary Guinan: In your file it says that you're gay.
    - Gaetan Dugas: And also a homosexual.”

    Glenne Headly - Dr. Mary Guinan
    Jeffrey Nordling - Gaetan Dugas
  • I'll introduce a bill. But if all the angels came dancing down to earth like the Rockettes, even they couldn't get a dime out of this administration for anything with the name "gay" on it.
    Dakin Matthews - Congressman Phil Burton
  • “- Eddie Papasano: Let me tell you people something, no matter what happens here today, if you try to close my joint, I 'll sue the ass off you.
    - Dr. Don Francis: Doesn't it bother you knowing that the people who have sex in your bath-house are playing Russian roulette?
    - Eddie Papasano: Please just cut out this bullshit. We're all in this for...” (continue)
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    Phil Collins - Eddie Papasano
    Matthew Modine - Dr. Don Francis
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  • “- Blood Bank executive: Is the CDC seriously suggesting that the blood industry spends $100 millions a year to use the test for the wrong disease because we have a handful of transfusion fatalities and eight dead hemophiliacs?
    - Dr. Don Francis: How many dead hemophiliacs do you need? How many people have to die to make it cost effecient for you...” (continue)
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    Walter Addison - Blood Bank executive
    Matthew Modine - Dr. Don Francis
    [Tag:blood, disease, money]
  • “When the doctors start acting like businessmen, who do the people turn to for doctors?”
    Ken Jenkins - Dr. Dennis Donohue
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  • “- Bobbi Campbell: If the gay community doesn't start raising hell, do you think Reagan is going to do a damn thing?
    - The Choreographer: I wish I had your courage.
    - Bobbi Campbell: Courage... no. I'm scared to death. I just have this self-determination to live. Don't you?”

    Donal Logue - Bobbi Campbell
    Richard Tiffany Gere - The Choreographer
  • “It's amazing to me that Americans can think a disease has a sexualpreference. But that's all Americans think of... Sex. Sex. Sex.”
    Patrick Bauchau - Dr. Luc Montagnier
  • “Now for years and years and years people in my hometown were telling me I was a freak because of my sexual orientation, until I came to San Francisco, and I found a community of freaks just like me. We stood together. We stood together! And it took a long time. But we finally forced this one tiny spot of the universe, the Castro, to realise that...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Donal Logue - Bobbi Campbell