“Runaway Bride” quotes

Movie Runaway Bride
Garry Marshall directed this movie in 1999
Title Runaway Bride
Year 1999
Director Garry Marshall
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Ike Graham is a reporter from New York with a problem: he has only one hour to deliver his article, moreover his ex-wife is his boss and he’s having a creative block. He hides in his favorite place waiting for the stroke of genius and hears about a young woman named Maggie from a small town in Maryland who, apparently, likes to get engaged but then is frightened when it comes time to get married. Ike is curious, so he writes an article about Maggie, triggering a chain reaction that leads him to Hale, the city of Maggie. Maggie Carpenter has a problem too: it is called Ike Graham. She’s angry with the author and she wants to avenge. Ike eventually finds out that there’s something else beyond Maggie’s problems with marriage and this episode will become the story of his life.
All actors – Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Hector Elizondo, Rita Wilson, Paul Dooley, Christopher Meloni, Donal Logue, Reg Rogers, Yul Vazquez, Jane Morris, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Kathleen Marshall, Jean Schertler, Tom Hines, Tom Mason, Garrett Wright, Sela Ward, Marvin Braverman, Yvonne Pollack, Joy Rosenthal, John Goldman, Sandra Taylor, Thong Nguyen, Karen Stirgwolt, Lee McKenna, Patrick Richwood, Marty Nadler, Allan Kent, Kevin Murray, James Richardson, Duncan Lam, Julie Paris, Dina Napoli, Jacqui Allen, Jack Hoffman, Cheryl Frazel, Tiffany Paulsen, Gregg Goulet, Shannon Wilcox, Diana Kent, Diane Frazen, Karla Pattur, Linda Larkin, William Todd Crosby, Robert Lee Jones, Joseph Williams Andrews, Eugene Walker Jackson Jr., Tom Cutler, Carol DePasquale, Rebekah Hoyle, Barbara Marshall, Garry Marshall, Scott Marshall, Laurie Metcalf, Larry Miller, Ryan Slattery
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