“Blaze” quotes

Movie Blaze
Title Blaze
Year 1989
Director Ron Shelton
Genre Drama, Biography
Plot – Earl Kemp Long is the sixty-five-year-old governor of Louisiana who falls in love with Blaze Starr, a twenty-year-old stripper. At first she rejects him then she falls sincerely in love with the man despite the great difference of age. However Long is already married and soon a violent scandal blows up. They move to a country house where they live as farmers. Earl has many supporters as well as bitter enemies. Immediately the man resumes his position as governor, but he loses the elections, so Blaze suggests him to stand for the National Congress elections. He wins but his exhausted heart surrenders and he dies. His beloved Blaze assists him.
All actors – Paul Newman, Lolita Davidovich, Jerry Hardin, Gailard Sartain, Jeffrey DeMunn, Garland Bunting, Richard Jenkins, Brandon Smith, Jay Chevalier, Robert Wuhl, Michael Brockman, Eloy Casados
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