“My Fair Lady” quotes

Movie My Fair Lady
George Cukor directed this movie in 1964
Title My Fair Lady
Year 1964
Director George Cukor
Genre Drama, Musical, Family
Plot – London, first years of XXI century. Professor Higgins bets with a friend he’s able to change a florist's behaviour into the one of a lady. He will win the bet and he will find love as well. The film is inspired to the play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw and from the musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederik Loewe. It’s a perfect mix of Irish sharp humor, the echo of the success of the theatrical version and the presence of a refined director who has worked with high-class performers.
All actors – Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Gladys Cooper, Jeremy Brett, Theodore Bikel, Mona Washbourne, Isobel Elsom, John Holland, , Elizabeth Aimers, Helen Albrecht, John Alderson, Mary Alexander, LaWana Backer, Frank Baker, Lois Battle, Brittania Beatey, William Beckley, Marjorie Bennett, Oscar Beregi Jr., Betty Blythe, Diana Bourbon, Iris Bristol, Tex Brodus, Sue Bronson, Meg Brown, Buddy Bryant, Walter Burke, Bea Marie Busch, Colin Campbell, Jeannie Carson, Paulle Clark, Natalie Core, Tom Cound, Jennifer Crier, Maurice Dallimore, Allison Daniell, Henry Daniell, Donna Day, Roy Dean, Thomas Dick, Brendan Dillon, Anne Dore, Pauline Drake, Harvey B. Dunn, Sandy Edmundson, Joe Evans, Kai Farelli, Ray Foster, Raymond Foster, Raymond Foster, Stanley Fraser, Charles Fredericks, Lea Genovese, Ayllene Gibbons, Jack Goldie, Jack Greening, Beatrice Grenough, Clive Halliday, Sam Harris, Marjory Hawtrey, Eric Heath, Monika Henreid, Eugene Hoffman, Samuel Holmes, Jimmie Horan, Clyde Howdy, Kendrick Huxham, Lillian Kemble-Cooper, Phyllis Kennedy, Colin Kenny, Goldie Kleban, Peter Ladefoged, Alma Lawton, Queenie Leonard, William Linkie, Rico Lopez, Moyna MacGill, Laurie Main, Sidney Marion, Eric Martin, Owen McGiveney, John McLiam, Shirley Melline, Carol Merrill, Gigi Michel, Lenore Miller, John Mitchum, Barbara Morrison, Marlene Morrow, Alan Napier, Nick Navarro, James O'Hara, Patrick O'Moore, Richard Peel, George Pelling, Barbara Pepper, Hilda Plowright, Frank Radcliffe, Jack Raine, Olive Reeves-Smith, Christopher Riordan, David Robel, Dinah Anne Rogers, Victor Rogers, Corinne Ross, Baroness Rothschild, Wendy Russell, Kenny Salvatt, Miriam Schiller, Buddy Shea, Orville Sherman, Jacqueline Squire, Michael St. Clair, Geoffrey Steele, Sandy Steffens, Grady Sutton, Henry Sweetman, William Taylor, Joy Tierney, Arthur Tovey, Gwendolyn Watts, Ron Whelan, Elzada Wilson, Nick Wolcum, James Wood, Ben Wright, Ben Wrigley
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