“Frantic” quotes

Movie Frantic
Roman Polanski directed this movie in 1988
Title Frantic
Year 1988
Director Roman Polanski
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – Dr. Richard Walker and his wife Sondra have arrived from California in Paris for a conference. The two expect to re-live the days of their falling in love on the banks of the Seine in the Ville Lumière. While he is in the shower of their elegant hotel, Sondra and one of the suitcases mysteriously disappear. Walker – who as soon as they entered the room had pointed out that Sondra had collected the wrong suitcase at the airport - contacts the manager and the Hotel policeman, the police and the embassy, but he finds skepticism (and a certain irony) in every environment. Distressed and determined to act on his own, the doctor tracks down the beautiful Michelle who, for a generous compensation, had been engaged to bring a suitcase to France from the United States, the same suitcase that Mrs. Walker collected by mistake.
All actors – Harrison Ford, Betty Buckley, Emmanuelle Seigner, Djiby Soumare, Dominique Virton, Gérard Klein, Stéphane D'Audeville, Laurent Spielvogel, Alain Doutey, Jacques Ciron, Roch Leibovici, Louise Vincent
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  • “- Sondra Walker: Do you know where you are?
    - Dr. Richard Walker: No, it's changed too much.”

    Betty Buckley - Sondra Walker
    Harrison Ford - Dr. Richard Walker
  • “- Michelle: What kind of music do you like?
    - Dr. Richard Walker: What? Oldies, I like oldies.”

    Emmanuelle Seigner - Michelle
    Harrison Ford - Dr. Richard Walker
  • “I love you, baby. I love you.”

    Harrison Ford - Dr. Richard Walker
  • “- Rastafarian: Man, why not say what you're looking for? Dédé is not the only one who can show you.
    - Dr. Richard Walker: Why don't you tell me what I'm looking for?
    - Rastafarian: The white lady. Isn't that so?
    - Dr. Richard Walker: Yes.
    - Rastafarian: Heavy. Now I see the desperate man.”

    Thomas M. Pollard - Rastafarian
    Harrison Ford - Dr. Richard Walker
    [Tag:despair, girl]
  • - Dr. Richard Walker: You know what that means to me? He had his arm around her here, like this. He could have had a gun, like this. Pointed right at her. "Shut up! Smile! Walk! Out the lobby!". Huh, like this. Huh?
    - Shaap: Yes, yes, it could mean that, or they could have just been having a good time.
    - Dr. Richard Walker: Mr. Shaap, you're... (continue)
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    Harrison Ford - Dr. Richard Walker
    Jimmie Ray Weeks - Shaap
  • “You want your wife back or what? Then relax, be cool and just walk. We'll give them what they want. You will get your wife, I'll get my money and everyone will be happy.”
    Emmanuelle Seigner - Michelle
  • “- Dr. Richard Walker: Dede's been dead for over 12 hours.
    - Michelle: How do you know? What are you, a doctor?
    - Dr. Richard Walker: No corpse stinks that much after only 12 hours. Take my word for it. Yes, I am a doctor.”

    Harrison Ford - Dr. Richard Walker
    Emmanuelle Seigner - Michelle
    [Tag:death, doctors, stink]