“He Knows You're Alone” quotes

Movie He Knows You're Alone
Title He Knows You're Alone
Year 1980
Director Armand Mastroianni
Genre Horror, Thriller
Interpreted by
All actors – Don Scardino, Caitlin O'Heaney, Elizabeth Kemp, Tom Rolfing, Lewis Arlt, Patsy Pease, James Rebhorn, Tom Hanks, Dana Barron, Joseph Leon, Paul Gleason, James Carroll
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  • “I'm gonna bust his balls tonight.”

    Patsy Pease - Joyce
  • “- Professor Carl Mason: Come on let's do it on the table.
    - Joyce: I told you, the table's too hard!
    - Professor Carl Mason: No it's not!
    - Joyce: Oh that's easy for you to say, I'm the one on the bottom!”

    James Rebhorn - Prof. Carl Mason
    Patsy Pease - Joyce
    [Tag:comfort, sex]
  • “Amy's getting married in a few weeks and she thinks some maniac is following her around.”
    Elizabeth Kemp - Nancy
  • “- Father McKenna: I know a lot of people who have been married for years and they are still having second thoughts.
    - Amy Jensen: That's encouraging.
    - Father McKenna: But they should have never been married to begin with. They just made bad decisions and picked incompatible mates.”

    John Bottoms - Father McKenna
    Caitlin O'Heaney - Amy Jensen
  • “- Amy Jensen: Is it worth it?
    - Ralph the Tailor: Huh?
    - Amy Jensen: Well, getting married, I mean.
    - Ralph the Tailor: Get dressed kid. I'll tell you the truth, though. Sometimes I wish I never got married. But other times, I wouldn't trade Roz for anybody. Heh. Marriage is like that. Good times, bad times. You learn to live with it. But it's...” (continue)
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    Caitlin O'Heaney - Amy Jensen
    Joseph Leon - Ralph the Tailor
  • “- Det. Len Gamble: What do you have?
    - Det. Thompson: A tailor, murdered with a pair of scissors.
    - Det. Len Gamble: Does anyone else work here?
    - Det. Thompson: The dead guy's wife.
    - Det. Len Gamble: Find her, she may be able to help.”

    Lewis Arlt - Det. Len Gamble
    Peter Gumeny - Det. Thompson