“Hearts in Atlantis” quotes

Movie Hearts in Atlantis
Scott Hicks directed this movie in 2001
Title Hearts in Atlantis
Year 2001
Director Scott Hicks
Genre Drama, Mystery
Plot – Bobby Garfield is a middle-aged photographer. When a childhood friend dies, he has to return to the city where he has grown up. He has to face his past and the memory of the summer of 1960, when he was eleven-years-old. Bobby spent all that summer with his friends Carol and Sully, then Ted Brautigan arrived at Bobby's mother boarding house. Bobby's father died long time ago and Ted represented the first adult who offered Bobby friendship and attention. He helped the boy to open his eyes to the world too. The man had a troubled past but he possessed strange powers who amused Bobby. Ted asked him to work for him, reading him newspapers and helping him getting out of a danger. As the last summer of Bobby's childhood was about to end, Ted helped him to understand life and love's opportunities.
All actors – Anthony Hopkins, Anton Yelchin, Hope Davis, Mika Boorem, David Morse, Alan Tudyk, Tom Bower, Celia Weston, Adam LeFevre, Will Rothhaar, Timothy Reifsnyder, Deirdre O'Connell, Terry Beaver, Joe T. Blankenship, Brett Fleisher, Joel F. Haberli, Evan Moses, Joshua Billings, Valerie Karasek, Graham Bardsley, Keith Beyer, Robert V. Maine, Mickey Leon McBride, Wes Johnson, Bourke Floyd, Lawrence Gaughan, Jim Hild, Steve Little, Bud Pezet, Jamie Watson, Cris Cunningham, Sara Hamilton, David Harscheid, Terry Jernigan, John Johnson, Raymond H. Johnson, Rick Kain, Joleen Neighbours, Amberly Pecsek, David Rivitz, Joseph M. West Jr.
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