“Hitler's Madman” quotes

Movie Hitler's Madman
Title Hitler's Madman
Year 1943
Director Douglas Sirk
Genre Drama, War
Interpreted by
All actors – Patricia Morison, John Carradine, Alan Curtis, Howard Freeman, Ralph Morgan, Edgar Kennedy, Ludwig Stössel, Al Shean, Elizabeth Russell, Jimmy Conlin, Enrique Acosta, Fred Aldrich
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  • “Patience, children. Patience. You mustn't cry, Jarmilla. None of us must cry. We must stand erect with our eyes to the sun and courage in our hearts.”
    Alan Curtis - Karel Vavra
  • “I don't want to die. I'm not going to die for the Führer or anyone else. I want to live. You'll face death one of these days too, Himmler - you and your Führer.”

    John Carradine - Reinhardt Heydrich
    [Tag:death, future, living]
  • “- Jarmilla Hanka: I don't want to be here or - or anywhere without you.
    - Karel Vavra: Maybe somewhere in the world, sweethearts still walk together hand-in-hand. But, not here, darling.”

    Patricia Morison - Jarmilla Hanka
    Alan Curtis - Karel Vavra
    [Tag:caring, love, safety]
  • “Beyond the borders of our country, in England and far off America, millions of men are leaving their work, in factories and on the farms, to fight those who made slaves of our people. They've sworn to destroy Nazism and liberate all the oppressed peoples of Europe. They ask you to help them.”
    Alan Curtis - Karel Vavra
  • “- Jarmilla Hanka: Darling, if you have to go, please take me with you.
    - Karel Vavra: No, darling.
    - Jarmilla Hanka: I'm not afraid.
    - Karel Vavra: I'd be afraid for you. You're safer here.”

    Patricia Morison - Jarmilla Hanka
    Alan Curtis - Karel Vavra
  • “All of you will face death. All of you. There's another thing out there. Come, closer. You'll lose. The Russians will win. The Poles, the British, the Czech, the Americans will win. You'll be the only ones to lose. And why? Why will they win? I'll tell you. You are too weak, that's it.”

    John Carradine - Reinhardt Heydrich
  • “There must be law and order. German law. German order.”
    Ludwig Stössel - Herman Bauer - Burgomaster
    [Tag:law, nazism, order]
  • “- Heinrich Himmler: A soldier dies with courage, Heydrich.
    - Reinhardt Heydrich: A true Nazi, eh? I would like to see how you and your Führer would act if your insides were shot out. Why can't I get morphine? Its getting dark. I want to live!
    - Heinrich Himmler: You are dying for the Führer.”

    Howard Freeman - Heinrich Himmler
    John Carradine - Reinhardt Heydrich
    [Tag:courage, death, living]
  • “When I was young I thought things were simple. Right or wrong. Black or white. And as I grew older, I tried to understand the in-between. The shadows. I tried to see the other fellows point of view. I even imagined Nazis might be human beings. But this afternoon I knew I was right at first. Things are simple. They kill you. You kill them.”
    Ralph Morgan - Jan Hanka
  • “Dead men tell no tales.”

    Howard Freeman - Heinrich Himmler
    [Tag:death, talking]