“Rough Cut” quotes

Movie Rough Cut
Don Siegel directed this movie in 1980
Title Rough Cut
Year 1980
Directors Don Siegel, Peter R. Hunt
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance, Adventure, Mystery
All actors – Burt Reynolds, Lesley-Anne Down, David Niven, Timothy West, Patrick Magee, Al Matthews, Susan Littler, Joss Ackland, Isabel Dean, Wolf Kahler, Andrew Ray, Julian Holloway
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  • “- Gillian Bromley: That was the worst Peter Sellers I have ever heard.
    - Jack Rhodes: I wasn't doing Peter Sellers - I was doing Peter Sellers doing Omar Sharif!”

    Lesley-Anne Down - Gillian Bromley
    Burt Reynolds - Jack Rhodes
    [Tag:actors, imitation]
  • - Jack Rhodes: How much do you want for the diamonds?
    - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis: Well, um... Would you think that one million dollars is fair?
    - Jack Rhodes: No, I don't think one million dollars is fair. I think three million dollars is fair.
    - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis: Well, let me say this: I prefer your definition of "fair".

    Burt Reynolds - Jack Rhodes
    David Niven - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis
    [Tag:fairness, money]
  • “- Gillian Bromley: It doesn't trouble you that blackmail is, in fact, against the law?
    - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis: Policemen are constantly breaking the law. It's one of the many ways we have of upholding it.”

    Lesley-Anne Down - Gillian Bromley
    David Niven - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis
  • “- Gillian Bromley: You can't be serious!
    - Jack Rhodes: Why, I've never been more serious in my life.
    - Gillian Bromley: Why are you imitating Tony Curtis?
    - Jack Rhodes: I'm not imitating Tony Curtis, I'm imitating Cary Grant.
    - Gillian Bromley: You're doing Tony Curtis doing Cary Grant...
    - Jack Rhodes: Oh...
    - Gillian Bromley: Cary Grant...” (continue)
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    Lesley-Anne Down - Gillian Bromley
    Burt Reynolds - Jack Rhodes
    [Tag:actors, imitation]
  • “- Chief Insp. Cyril Willis: Of all the crimes of which man is capable, the one that really rankles me is the violation of property. Oh, there's your murder, of course - rape, kidnap, wife beating...
    - Mrs. Willis: Don't be ridiculous.
    - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis: But life - however precious, life perishes. It's only property that lives on and on....” (continue)
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    David Niven - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis
    Isabel Dean - Mrs. Willis
    [Tag:crime, property]
  • “- Jack Rhodes: I've got a job. Diamonds. A million dollars.
    - Ferguson: What'a my share?
    - Jack Rhodes: That is your share.
    - Ferguson: I'm misbehavin'...”

    Burt Reynolds - Jack Rhodes
    Al Matthews - Ferguson
    [Tag:crime, money]
  • Where you will be going, they have the oddest notions of hospitality. First, they shave your head. Then, they delouse you, feed you with something a ravenous crocodile would pass up, then, lock you up for the night with unfriendly lesbiancompanions - and you have your own "private" little chamber pot under the bed. Oh, it is very unpleasant, I... (continue)(continue reading)

    David Niven - Chief Insp. Cyril Willis
    [Tag:misery, prison]