“Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!)” quotes

Movie Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!)
Title Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!)
Year 1980
Directors Bill Melendez, Phil Roman
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation
Interpreted by
All actors – Daniel Anderson, Scott Beach, Casey Carlson, Debbie Muller, Patricia Patts, Laura Planting, Arrin Skelley, Bill Melendez, Annalisa Bortolin, Roseline Rubens, Pascale de Barolet, Mel Blanc
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  • “I'm worried about the Baron. Pierre said that he was a very mean man.”
    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
  • “Boy, Chuck, this is great. That was real generous of you to feed your share to the car. Notice how well the car is running since you gave it some bread?”

    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    [Tag:cars, food, sharing]
  • “- Teacher: How many times does 25 go into 75?
    - Patty: I'm awake! I'm awake! The answer is 12!
    - Teacher: No, that is not correct.
    - Patty: The answer is 6!
    - Charlie Brown: 3!
    - Teacher: 3 is correct.”

    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
  • “- Patty: False! Why did you put down false, Chuck? The answer is true, Chuck! What's true is true! Put down true, Chuck, or I'll never speak to you again.
    - Teacher: Charlie Brown?
    - Charlie Brown: Ma'am?
    - Teacher: Is your partner giving you the answers?
    - Charlie Brown: Oh no, ma'am. She's not giving me the answers. Forcing, maybe, but not...” (continue)
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    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
  • “- Charlie Brown: Good bye, everybody! Take care of the old ball field, Schroeder, I'm going to miss it.
    - Sally Brown: The last time you went away, big brother, your team won three games in a row.”

    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
    Annalisa Bortolin - Sally Brown
    [Tag:farewell, winning]
  • - Teacher: What was the significance of "1066"?
    - Patty: What happened in "1066"? Well, it all depends. Is it a date or an address?

    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    [Tag:address, date]
  • “Hey Chuck, we're in England. Did you ever think you'd be in England?”
    Roseline Rubens - Patty
  • “Quiet, everybody! We have two new students here that I'd like to have you meet. They are exchange students from Europe. It is my great honor to introduce to you Babette and Jacques.”

    Daniel Anderson - Linus van Pelt
    [Tag:meeting, students]
  • “- Waiter: All right Guv'nor, you ready to order?
    - Charlie Brown: Can you help us with the menu?
    - Waiter: For the gentlemen, I recommend the beef & kidney pie. The shepherds pie's rather nice for the ladies. A cheddar & pickle sandwich is rather toppo. What'll be your pleasure, mate?”

    Scott Beach - Waiter
    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
  • “- Patty: Hey, Marcie, this is real nice!
    - Marcie: It's a whole lot better than peanut butter sandwiches, sir.
    - Patty: What do you think they'll feed us in France?
    - Marcie: Probably peanut butter on French bread, sir.”

    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    Casey Carlson - Marcie
    [Tag:food, france]
  • “- British ticket agent: Passport, please.
    - Charlie Brown: Y-Yes, sir. We're just passing through. We're on our way to France, sir. I have nothing to declare, sir. I throw myself at the mercy of the court!
    - Linus van Pelt: We've only been two minutes and already he's embarrassing us.”

    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
    Daniel Anderson - Linus van Pelt
  • “- Patty: If you know an answer, Chuck, and I don't, you tell me what it is. If I know an answer and you don't, I'll tell you what it is.
    - Charlie Brown: What happens if neither of us knows the answer?
    - Patty: We'll punt!”

    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    Arrin Skelley - Charlie Brown
    [Tag:answers, gambling]
  • “- Pierre: Did he say chateau? Surely they are not staying at the Chateau of the Bad Neighbor.
    - Marcie: Yes they are, Mal Voisin.
    - Pierre: But that is terrible! They cannot stay there!
    - Patty: Why not, Pierre?
    - Pierre: They could be in great danger!”

    Pascale de Barolet - Pierre
    Casey Carlson - Marcie
    Roseline Rubens - Patty
    [Tag:advice, danger, hotel]