“Little Buddha” quotes

Movie Little Buddha
Title Little Buddha
Year 1993
Director Bernardo Bertolucci
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
All actors – Keanu Reeves, Ruocheng Ying, Chris Isaak, Alex Wiesendanger, Raju Lal, Greishma Makar Singh, Sogyal Rinpoche, Ven. Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, Bridget Fonda, Ven. Geshe Tsultim Gyelsen, Jo Champa, Jigme Kunsang
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  • “There is no empty room when the soul is full.”
    Ruocheng Ying - Lama Norbu
  • “- Dean Conrad: He's dying.
    - Champa: We are all of us dying every minute. Death is a big part of life. Every breath that we breathe, we die.”

    Chris Isaak - Dean Conrad
    Jigme Kunsang - Champa
    [Tag:death, life, living]
  • “- Lama Norbu: Now, the cup is no longer a cup, but what is the tea?
    - Dean Conrad: Still tea.
    - Lama Norbu: Exactly! In the cup, on the table, or on the floor, it moves from one container to another, but it's still tea. Like the mind after death: it moves from one body to another, but it is still mind!”

    Ruocheng Ying - Lama Norbu
    Chris Isaak - Dean Conrad
    [Tag:body, death, mind]
  • “Someone like Lama Norbu can remain like this for ten days. Or even more. He can sit like a mountain, serene and unmovable. And he can meditate deep and vast as ocean. And then smoothly, while doing meditation, he can enter into the state of death, with his own will.”

    Jigme Kunsang - Champa
  • “I have been born to reach Enlightenment and free all creatures from suffering.”

    Keanu Reeves - Siddhartha
    [Tag:freedom, pain, purpose]
  • “- Dean Conrad: What about his passion for life? What about the people he's leaving behind?
    - Champa: He will come back.
    - Dean Conrad: I don't know if I believe it, but I'd like to.”

    Chris Isaak - Dean Conrad
    Jigme Kunsang - Champa
    [Tag:belief, death, life]
  • “Death is the moment of separation, which comes to every person in every family. When the body grows cold and stiff like wood, it has to be burnt like wood.”

    Santosh Bangera - Channa
  • “- Yasodhara: Your father loves you very much. He has given us everything we could want. There is no need to go anywhere else when you have such beauty around you.
    - Siddhartha: It is true. We have everything, and everything is perfect. So what is this feeling I have? If the world is so beautiful, why have I never seen it? I've not even seen my...” (continue)
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    Rajeshwari Sachdev - Yasodhara
    Keanu Reeves - Siddhartha
  • “- Lama Norbu: I was just telling Jesse the story of Siddhartha.
    - Dean Conrad: That's a beautiful story. A beautiful... myth.
    - Lama Norbu: It is one way of telling the truth, and children seem to love it.”

    Ruocheng Ying - Lama Norbu
    Chris Isaak - Dean Conrad
  • “- Jesse Conrad: What's meditating?
    - Lama Norbu: It is being totally quiet and relaxed, separating yourself from everything around you, setting your mind free like a bird, and you can then see your thoughts as if they were passing clouds.”

    Alex Wiesendanger - Jesse Conrad
    Ruocheng Ying - Lama Norbu
  • “You are pure illusion, you do not exist. The earth is my witness.”

    Keanu Reeves - Siddhartha
  • “To learn is to change. The path of enlightenment is in the middle way. It is the line between all opposite extremes.”
    Keanu Reeves - Siddhartha
  • “- Siddhartha: Why have you lied to me about the existence of suffering, sickness, poverty, old age, and death?
    - King Suddhodhana: If I've lied to you, Siddhartha, it has been because I love you.
    - Siddhartha: Your love has become a prison.”

    Keanu Reeves - Siddhartha
    Rudraprasad Sengupta - King Suddhodhana
    [Tag:lies, love, motive]