“Madeline” quotes

Movie Madeline
Title Madeline
Year 1998
Director Daisy Mayer von Scherler
Genre Comedy, Family
Interpreted by
Plot – Madeline is a very lively child and she animates the daily life in the French college where she lives. When she meets Pepito, they are up to all sorts of things and they even manage to foil the closure of the college.
All actors – Frances McDormand, Nigel Hawthorne, Hatty Jones, Ben Daniels, Arturo Venegas, Stéphane Audran, Katia Caballero, Chantal Neuwirth, Kristian de la Osa, Clare Thomas, Bianca Strohmann, Christina Mangani
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  • “- Madeline: Morning, Lord Cucuface!
    - Lord Covington: What did you call me?”

    Hatty Jones - Madeline
    Nigel Hawthorne - Lord Covington
    [Tag:greeting, name]
  • “- Helene the Cook: Tonight, I'm going to make a wonderful vegetarian dinner, okay?
    - Madeline: I want chicken Helene.”

    Chantal Neuwirth - Helene the Cook
    Hatty Jones - Madeline
  • “- Pepito: It's quick, silent, and deadly.
    - Aggie: Like Helene's cheese.”

    Kristian de la Osa - Pepito
    Clare Thomas - Aggie
    [Tag:food, weapons]
  • “It's better to be super everything than super nothing.”
    Hatty Jones - Madeline
  • “- Lord Covington: Who gave you permission to be in here?
    - Madeline: N-n-nobody, Lord Covington.
    - Lord Covington: This is a hospital, it's not a play room. You're not allowed to just wander around.”

    Nigel Hawthorne - Lord Covington
    Hatty Jones - Madeline
  • “- Miss Clavel: You're giving me a gray hair!
    - Madeline: Could I see?
    - Miss Clavel: No.”

    Frances McDormand - Miss Clavel
    Hatty Jones - Madeline
  • “Have a look at these doors. Solid oak. They don't make them like this anymore!”
    Nigel Hawthorne - Lord Covington
    [Tag:building, trees]
  • “- Miss Clavel: We'll find her. I promise you. We have to have faith.
    - Madeline: I used to wish so hard for my parents to be alive again, but you can't make something happen just by wishing for it.”

    Frances McDormand - Miss Clavel
    Hatty Jones - Madeline
    [Tag:events, faith, wishes]
  • “- Leopold the Tutor: I'm teaching him Latin, I'm teaching him biology, algebration, calculometry, physiconomy, and astrology.
    - Mr. Spanish Ambassador: But he doesn't even know how to read!”

    Ben Daniels - Leopold the Tutor
    Arturo Venegas - Mr. Spanish Ambassador
  • “Ladies, may I present the reason we have opened to your our home: our birthday boy, Monsieur Jose Marco Filipo Juan Franloco Lopez de Vega Esteban Machado Jorge Santiago de la Rocha Gaspar Carlos de Fuentes Coruna Diego et Sevilla! Of course, his friends call him Pepito.”

    Arturo Venegas - Mr. Spanish Ambassador
    [Tag:culture, name, spain]