“Microwave Massacre” quotes

Movie Microwave Massacre
Title Microwave Massacre
Year 1983
Director Wayne Berwick
Genre Comedy, Horror
All actors – Jackie Vernon, Loren Schein, Al Troupe, Marla Simon, Claire Ginsberg, Lou Ann Webber, Anna Marlowe, Cindy Gant, Sarah Alt, Karen Marshall, Phil De Carlo, Aaron Koslow
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  • “- May: Donald, there is something bothering you, isn't there?
    - Donald: You know May, you have a definite grab for the obvious.”

    Claire Ginsberg - May
    Jackie Vernon - Donald
  • “- Dee Dee Dee: What's your name, sweetie?
    - Donald: Donald. What's yours?
    - Dee Dee Dee: Dee Dee Dee. My mother wanted to name me Delia, but she stuttered.
    - Donald: Oh...
    - Dee Dee Dee: Hey, have you ever screwed in 3-Dee?”

    Lou Ann Webber - Dee Dee Dee
    Jackie Vernon - Donald
    [Tag:name, sex]
  • “- May: Some men, you should know, still find me attractive.
    - Donald: How would I know them? I didn't attend the braille institute.”

    Claire Ginsberg - May
    Jackie Vernon - Donald
  • “Didn't I ever tell you about my hemorrhoids? They get really bad when it's humid, you know?”
    Phil De Carlo - Sam
    [Tag:health, problems]
  • “I'm so hungry I could eat a whore.”
    Jackie Vernon - Donald
  • “- May: Where were we? Who knows, the mood might give you ideas!
    - Donald: I've got an idea all right. But I think it's against the law.”

    Claire Ginsberg - May
    Jackie Vernon - Donald
    [Tag:crime, ideas]
  • “- La Greasy Delight: May I have your order, please?
    - Roosevelt: Go ahead, Dad!
    - Donald: Er, let down your hair, unbutton your blouse, hike up your skirt, stick out your tongue, and a coke! And a coke!”

    Elaine Barker - La Greasy Delight
    Loren Schein - Roosevelt
    Jackie Vernon - Donald
    [Tag:commanding, order]
  • “The only problem is I can't make love to a woman, unless I eat her.”
    Jackie Vernon - Donald