“An American Werewolf in London” quotes

Movie An American Werewolf in London
Title An American Werewolf in London
Year 1981
Director John Landis
Genre Comedy, Horror
Plot – Two young American students, Jack and David, decide to go on a vacation for three months. Arrived in northern England, they are left by the driver in a desolated area with the advice to not leave the path and pay attention to the moon. During the night the two are attacked by a monstrous creature and Jack dies, while David, saved by some villagers, is only wounded. Unconscious, he's transported to a London hospital and he wakes up only three weeks later. Everything seems normal but the guy has frightening nightmares and can't stop telling everyone he has been attacked by a wolf. Only Dr. Hirsch believes him. During his recovery David meets Alex, a nurse who falls in love with him and offers him an accommodation after his release. His nightmares continue to haunt him and the full moon is approaching.
All actors – Joe Belcher, David Naughton, Griffin Dunne, David Schofield, Brian Glover, Lila Kaye, Rik Mayall, Sean Baker, Paddy Ryan, Jenny Agutter, Anne-Marie Davies, John Woodvine
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