“My Louisiana Sky” quotes

Movie My Louisiana Sky
Title My Louisiana Sky
Year 2001
Director Adam Arkin
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
All actors – Juliette Lewis, Kelsey Keel, Shirley Knight, Amelia Campbell, Chris Owens, Karen Robinson, Michael Cera, Nola Augustson, Robert Haley, Rudy Webb, Neil Girvan, Jody Racicot
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  • “I'm just aimin' to find out about life.”
    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
    [Tag:learning, life]
  • “This is the most exciting moment of my entire life so far.”
    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
  • “- Jewel Ramsey: I didn't expect to see you. It's been a long time.
    - Dorie Kay: Well, I came for your birthday, Mama.
    - Jewel Ramsey: My birthday was yesterday.”

    Shirley Knight - Jewel Ramsey
    Juliette Lewis - Dorie Kay
    [Tag:birthday, mother]
  • “Your mama's mind is simple, but her love is simple too. It flows from her like a river. You may not understand that now, but someday you will.”

    Shirley Knight - Jewel Ramsey
    [Tag:love, mind, mother]
  • “I wish I could turn back the clock and change things. I'd forget about Abby Lynn's swimming party and about Jesse Wade kissing me. I'd help Granny more. I'd watch her real careful and make sure she wasn't ever, ever sick with her heart.”
    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
    [Tag:past, regret]
  • “- Tiger Ann Parker: Grandma, would you say I was pretty?
    - Jewel Ramsey: Pretty? Now don't you start wastin' time worryin' about that kind of nonsense. You're smart, and that's more important.”

    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
    Shirley Knight - Jewel Ramsey
  • “- Corrina Ramsey Parker: Ma's dead. She went to Heaven.
    - Dorie Kay: That's right, Ma's dead. But you're not. And Lonnie's not. And I'm not. And neither is Tiger. What kind of mother lies in bed when she has a child to tend to?”

    Amelia Campbell - Corrina Ramsey Parker
    Juliette Lewis - Dorie Kay
    [Tag:loss, mother]
  • “- Lonnie Parker: I keep tellin' you, Tiger, if you watch and listen to the earth, it talks to you.
    - Tiger Ann Parker: It's never talked to me.
    - Lonnie Parker: Well, not talkin' like you're doin' today. It's different.”

    Chris Owens - Lonnie Parker
    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
    [Tag:earth, perception]
  • “- Tiger Ann Parker: I'm bleedin' from inside.
    - Jewel Ramsey: Go get yourself some rags. You got the curse.
    - Tiger Ann Parker: I got a curse?
    - Jewel Ramsey: From now on, you can look forward to it every month till you're too old like me. Then, thank the Lord, it's over. That's the only good thing I can think of about gettin' older.”

    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
    Shirley Knight - Jewel Ramsey
    [Tag:aging, period]
  • “Some people are just afraid of what's different. It doesn't mean different is bad. It just means different is different.”
    Shirley Knight - Jewel Ramsey
  • “You can really reinvent yourself in Baton Rouge. That's what I did when I first came here.”
    Juliette Lewis - Dorie Kay
  • “- Magnolia: Child, what have you done to your hair? Your aunt is gonna kill me!
    - Tiger Ann Parker: I wanted to reinvent myself.
    - Magnolia: Well, at least you had the sense to cut it on a full-moon day.”

    Karen Robinson - Magnolia
    Kelsey Keel - Tiger Ann Parker
    [Tag:changing, hair]