“Prom Night” quotes

Movie Prom Night
Title Prom Night
Year 1980
Director Paul Lynch
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
All actors – Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Casey Stevens, Anne-Marie Martin, Antoinette Bower, Michael Tough, Robert A. Silverman, Pita Oliver, David Mucci, Jeff Wincott, Mary Beth Rubens, George Touliatos, Melanie Morse MacQuarrie, David Gardner, Joy Thompson, Sheldon Rybowski, Rob Garrison, David Bolt, Beth Amos, Sonia Zimmer, Sylvia Martin, Elizabeth M. Mason, Pam Henry, Ardon Bess, Lee Wildgen, Brock Simpson, Leslie Scott, Tammy Bourne, Dean Bosacki, Debbie Greenfield, Karen Forbes, Joyce Kite, Michele Scarabelli
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  • “- Jude: Why don't we do it on the Bluff?
    - Slick: On the Bluff?
    - Jude: Come on, it'll be fantastic!
    - Slick: I don't know... I think I need another joint.
    - Jude: I think so, too.”

    Joy Thompson - Jude
    Sheldon Rybowski - Slick
    [Tag:drugs, sex]
  • “- Kelly: Drew, there was this horrible voice, on the telephone...
    - Drew: A heavy breather?
    - Kelly: No, worse than that!
    - Drew: He turned you on, didn't he? I ought to try that sometime.
    - Kelly: I'm serious!
    - Drew: So am I!”

    Mary Beth Rubens - Kelly
    Jeff Wincott - Drew
  • “- McBride: For a guy so fast on the disco floor, you sure are the slowest!
    - Nick: I was just talking to Wendy.
    - McBride: I thought you were going with the Hammond girl.
    - Nick: You can't tell Wendy anything she doesn't want to hear.
    - McBride: Wow, I wish I had your women problems!”

    George Touliatos - McBride
    Casey Stevens - Nick
    [Tag:problems, women]
  • “- Kim: You seem a little anxious, Wendy. By the way, who are you going with tonight?
    - Wendy: It's not who you go with, honey. It's who takes you home.”

    Jamie Lee Curtis - Kim
    Anne-Marie Martin - Wendy
    [Tag:anxiety, company]
  • “- Alex: Don't do that. I smell like the inside of the ladies' room.
    - Kim: And how would you know what the ladies room smells like?”

    Michael Tough - Alex
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Kim
  • “- Young Wendy: They'll put us in jail. If we tell anybody they'll say it's our fault. Who would believe it was an accident?
    - Young Nick: But what if...
    - Young Wendy: Listen to me, we'll go home now and never ever tell anyone. No one but us will ever know. Jude, swear?
    - Young Jude: I swear.”

    Leslie Scott - Young Wendy
    Brock Simpson - Young Nick
    Karen Forbes - Young Jude