“Prophecy” quotes

Movie Prophecy
Title Prophecy
Year 1979
Director John Frankenheimer
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror
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Plot – The Indians of a beautiful forest in Maine have long been on the warpath because they believe the managers of a paper mill are destroying their livelihood. The natives' revolt consists only of street demonstrations and road blocks, but the authorities accuse them of far more serious incidents which, in reality, they are the true victims of. Dr. Rob Vern, who arrives with his wife Maggie, a cellist, is sent to the town. Led by Mr. Isely, head of the paper mill, the Verns intervene to defend the life of the Indian John Hawks and at the same time to obtain his and his wife Ramona's cooperation. Investigating the paper-making process, the doctor discovers that when the tree trunks are still stored in the ponds, methyl-mercury is poured into the waters for their conservation. When ingested by fish, this substance causes monstrous growths in animal fetuses and, higher up the food-chain, in human fetuses. Before Rob, Maggie, John and Ramona can prove to the authorities that the mill managers are responsible, monsters take their first victims. Finally safe, Rob and Maggie are forced to think about the future because the woman is pregnant and in the meantime she has eaten a fish caught in the polluted waters.
All actors – Talia Shire, Robert Foxworth, Armand Assante, Richard Dysart, Victoria Racimo, George Clutesi, Tom McFadden, Evans Evans, Burke Byrnes, Mia Bendixsen, Johnny Timko, Everett Creach
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  • “- Rob: They gave us a trick question in medical school. What's the only liquid in the world that isn't wet?
    - Maggie: What was the answer?
    - Rob: Mercury.”

    Robert Foxworth - Rob
    Talia Shire - Maggie
  • “When I was a child, every rock, every tree had a story. The whole forest was filled with legends.”
    Victoria Racimo - Ramona
    [Tag:forest, legend, nature]
  • “- Rob: It's methylmercury poisoning, that's what it is. This whole place has been contaminated.
    - Maggie: How do you know?
    - Rob: The Indians eat the fish, and they behave like they're drunk when they haven't had a drop of liquor. That raccoon convulsing and turning vicious, its brain turned to mush. Even that old man, that Indian, you saw the...” (continue)
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    Robert Foxworth - Rob
    Talia Shire - Maggie
  • “The environment is us. And it's being mangled. And I'm gonna make something very clear to you. My people are violently ill. They're beginning to lose their faculties. They stagger and they fall, and this has nothing to do with alcohol, as these villagers claim. My people are fishermen; their lives are clean.”

    Armand Assante - John Hawks
  • “You see, the end of this forest is the end of my people. Don't talk about the environment as though it had nothing to do with us.”
    Armand Assante - John Hawks
  • “The forest provides more food than a man could possibly need. Here, everything grows big... real big.”
    George Clutesi - M'Rai
    [Tag:food, forest]
  • “A developing fetus goes through certain distinct phases. Each phase represents a specific stage of evolution. A human fetus, for instance. At one stage, it's a fish. It looks like a fish; it's got fins and gills. At another, it's amphibian - webbed hands; at another, reptilian; at another, it's feline - developing upward in the distinct shapes...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Robert Foxworth - Rob