“Room Service” quotes

Movie Room Service
Title Room Service
Year 1938
Director William A. Seiter
Genre Comedy
Plot – Gordon Miller is a penniless theater producer who dreams to work in Broadway. Despite the support of a friend director, the creditors slow the realization of his project.
All actors – Brothers The Marx, Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Lucille Ball, Ann Miller, Frank Albertson, Cliff Dunstan, Donald MacBride, Philip Loeb, Philip Wood, Alexander Asro, Charles Halton, Stanley Blystone, Phoebe Campbell, Clyde Courtright, Josephine DeKarr, Paul Everton, Cliff Herd, Donald Kerr, Bruce Mitchell, Frank Otto, Tom Quinn, William Ruhl, Eddie Saunders, Willard St. Claire, Jean Stevens, Max Wagner, Leo Willis
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