“Simple Men” quotes

Movie Simple Men
Title Simple Men
Year 1992
Director Hal Hartley
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance
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Plot – After many years of separation, McCabe brothers - Bill, a low-end criminal and vaguely misogynistic, and Dennis, a staid and introverted philosophy's student - go along the streets of New York to find their father, a former baseball star and an openly declared anarchist, who's accused of multiple murder. Along the way, the two will meet the energetic bartender Kate, with whom Bill falls in love, and the enigmatic and epileptic Elina.
All actors – Robert John Burke, Bill Sage, Karen Sillas, Elina Löwensohn, Martin Donovan, Mark Chandler Bailey, Chris Cooke, Jeffrey Howard, Holly Marie Combs, Joe Stevens, Damian Young, Marietta Marich
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  • “- Elina: You shouldn't do that.
    - Dennis McCabe: Why not?
    - Elina: Because I'm your father's girlfriend?
    - Dennis McCabe: My father's a womanizer. He's a married man and he stood you up.
    - Elina: You have no respect for your father.
    - Dennis McCabe: I don't know him. But I respect his taste in women.”

    Elina Löwensohn - Elina
    Bill Sage - Dennis McCabe
  • “- Bill McCabe: Who wants the fucking government that's got to obey the law.
    - Dennis McCabe: A lot of people do.
    - Bill McCabe: Yeah, well that's why a lot of people aren't running this country.”

    Robert John Burke - Bill McCabe
    Bill Sage - Dennis McCabe
  • “Nothing like a machine to make a man feel insignificant.”
    Jeffrey Howard - Ned Rifle
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  • “The law is just a contract. A contract between the rich people who own everything, and the poor people who want to take it away. And the contract says, if you break the law and get away with it fine. But if you break the rules and get caught you got to play by the rules and pay the price. It's no big moral thing, you don't need ideology to knock...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Jeffrey Howard - Ned Rifle
  • “- Bill McCabe: Ned, there is no such thing as adventure. There's no such thing as romance. There's only trouble and desire.
    - Ned Rifle: Trouble and desire.
    - Bill McCabe: That's right. And the funny thing is, when you desire something you immediately get into trouble. And when you're in trouble you don't desire anything at all.”

    Robert John Burke - Bill McCabe
    Jeffrey Howard - Ned Rifle
  • “- Dennis McCabe: I've never been to Long Island.
    - Bill McCabe: Yes you have.
    - Dennis McCabe: I have?
    - Bill McCabe: Yeah. You've been to Queens. Queens is Long Island.
    - Dennis McCabe: Queens is a part of New York City. I don't think it's really considered part of Long Island.”

    Bill Sage - Dennis McCabe
    Robert John Burke - Bill McCabe
  • “- Bill McCabe: Look Dennis, the difference between dad and me is that I just fuck with the law; he fucked with the government.
    - Dennis McCabe: The law and the government are the same thing.
    - Bill McCabe: No, it isn't. Government doesn't have to obey the law.”

    Robert John Burke - Bill McCabe
    Bill Sage - Dennis McCabe
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