“Mystery of the Wax Museum” quotes

Movie Mystery of the Wax Museum
Michael Curtiz directed this movie in 1933
Title Mystery of the Wax Museum
Year 1933
Director Michael Curtiz
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
All actors – Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh, Allen Vincent, Gavin Gordon, Edwin Maxwell, Holmes Herbert, Claude King, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Thomas E. Jackson, DeWitt Jennings
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  • “- Winton: I've only known you twenty-four hours, but I'm in love with you.
    - Florence: Doesn't usually take that long.”

    Gavin Gordon - Winton
    Glenda Farrell - Florence
  • “- Ivan Igor: If my curiosity is not too great, would you mind telling me what manner of animal it is you are designing?
    - Ralph Burton: This is one of the Athenian girls for the bacchanal.
    - Ivan Igor: It would be interesting to know, young man, where and when you studied anatomy.”

    Lionel Atwill - Ivan Igor
    Allen Vincent - Ralph Burton
  • “- Florence: Listen, Joan Gale's body was swiped from the morgue, have you ever heard of such a thing as a death mask?
    - Jim: I used to be married to one.
    - Florence: Then it came to life and divorced you, I know all about that.”

    Glenda Farrell - Florence
    Frank McHugh - Jim
  • “- Winton: Will you marry me?
    - Florence: How much money have you got?
    - Winton: Heaven knows, a lot.
    - Florence: Well that being the case, I'll take it up with the board of directors.”

    Gavin Gordon - Winton
    Glenda Farrell - Florence
  • “- Florence: As I live and breathe and wear spats, the prince.
    - Jim: You been doing experiments with scotch and soda again?”

    Glenda Farrell - Florence
    Frank McHugh - Jim
  • “I offer you immortality, my child. Think of it: in a thousand years you shall be as lovely as you are now!”
    Lionel Atwill - Ivan Igor
  • “- Florence: Can I handle this my way?
    - Jim: You cannot, I'm still editor of this newspaper.
    - Florence: Fine, you said I was fired... well, I quit, you give the assignment to somebody else.
    - Jim: Wait a minute, come here.
    - Florence: No, I'm through.
    - Jim: Come here, sob sister, all right, go ahead, do it your own way.”

    Glenda Farrell - Florence
    Frank McHugh - Jim
  • “I'm gonna make you eat dirt, you soap bubble, I'm gonna make you beg for somebody to help you let go. You may mean the world to your mother but you're a...”

    Glenda Farrell - Florence
    [Tag:anger, insult, threat]
  • “- Florence: And that face, it was like an African war mask.
    - Detective: You mean he was colored?
    - Florence: I don't know what he was, but he made Frankenstein look like a lily.”

    Glenda Farrell - Florence
    Thomas E. Jackson - Detective
    [Tag:fear, ugliness]
  • “All right, then you can go to some nice, warm place, and I don't mean California”
    Glenda Farrell - Florence