“The Boys in Company C” quotes

Movie The Boys in Company C
Title The Boys in Company C
Year 1978
Director Sidney J. Furie
Genre Drama, War
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Plot – Five American guys join the army on the eve of the outbreak of Vietnam war. The military environment will put to hard test their friendship and their ideals.
All actors – Stan Shaw, Andrew Stevens, James Canning, Michael Lembeck, Craig Wasson, Scott Hylands, James Whitmore Jr., Noble Willingham, R. Lee Ermey, Santos Morales, Drew Michaels, Karen Hilger
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  • “I decided to keep a journal and write about our experiences in the Marine Corps. Maybe I can get it published someday, that is if anyway wants to read about what happens to a bunch of guys they're gonna send to Vietnam.”
    James Canning - Alvin Foster
    [Tag:army, writing]
  • - Billy Ray Pike: I'm not going to sit here and let no one call me a quitter. Or calling me crazy.
    - Tyrone Washington: That' not what you got to worry about. What you got to worry about is your kid running around calling somebody else "daddy".

    Andrew Stevens - Billy Ray Pike
    Stan Shaw - Tyrone Washington
    [Tag:father, mocking]
  • “August 27th, 1967, we took the oath this morning. Tyrone Washington - Chicago, Illinois. Billy Ray Pike - Galveston, Texas. Me, Alvin Foster - Emporia, Kansas. Vinnie Fazio - Brooklyn, New York. Dave Bisbee - Seattle, Washington and a bunch of other guys from all over the country.”
    James Canning - Alvin Foster
    [Tag:army, oath]
  • Jesus, how the hell do they expect me to train fucking marines when they won't even send me human god-damn beings to start with?”
    R. Lee Ermey - Sgt. Loyce
    [Tag:army, people]
  • Here's your body count Captain. Three chickens and a duck!”
    Stan Shaw - Tyrone Washington
    [Tag:animals, body]
  • “You're an asshole, you're gonna be dumb enough to pull a gun on a man you better be smart enough to pull the trigger!”
    Stan Shaw - Tyrone Washington
    [Tag:threat, weapons]
  • “- Lt. Archer: General Sloan was so impressed with what we did that he set it up. Foster, do you realize that we took out a communication outpost, captured an enemy stronghold and wiped out an entire company of NVA regulars? Do you believe everything I just said Foster?
    - Alvin Foster: Well, yes sir.
    - Lt. Archer: Well then, I guess they should...” (continue)
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    James Whitmore Jr. - Lt. Archer
    James Canning - Alvin Foster
    [Tag:army, results, war]