“The Flamingo Kid” quotes

Movie The Flamingo Kid
Garry Marshall directed this movie in 1984
Title The Flamingo Kid
Year 1984
Director Garry Marshall
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – The dream of plumber Arthur Willis is for his son Joffrey to attend a good college and then to find a good job. However Joffrey, who is a great guy, thinks there is nothing wrong in the meantime with getting a job as a valet at the Flamingo Club, a seaside resort for rich people who tip big. The young man is likable and Phil Brody, co-owner of the Club and a businessman who has a way with words, takes him under his wing and slowly charms Joffrey with the infinite possibilities that open up to people who have initiative and will. The prospect of college therefore starts to fade away in the young man's mind to the great concern and irritation of his father, who is anchored to less fascinating but more realistic ideas. Under Brody's guidance, Joffrey is soon promoted to cabin service and falls in love with Phyllis Brody, his boss's blonde niece, who also trusts him deeply. At this point, the boy decides to leave his loved ones for a short period, because Brody offers him a job as a warehouse worker. Joffrey is baffled and disappointed: his dreams are suddenly and unexpectedly re-dimensioned and he begins to realize that there is only ​​emptiness and chatter under Brody's façade. Summer season is drawing to an end and the girl goes back home: everything, including his love life, has been nothing more than a pleasant vacation for Joffrey. The night of the closing party, Joffrey realizes that Brody, who everyone at the club considers and refers to as "the king" of the cards, clearly cheats thanks to a partner. The boy then challenges his would-be protector at a card game and, paired with another player who had been a looser, beats the impostor. His summer experience definitely clarifies Joffrey's ideas. He gives up the illusion of easy money and of an apparently easy but dishonest life to return to his family, who welcomes him with open arms before he leaves for college.
All actors – Matt Dillon, Hector Elizondo, Molly McCarthy, Martha Gehman, Richard Crenna, Jessica Walter, Carole Davis, Janet Jones, Brian McNamara, Fisher Stevens, Leon, Bronson Pinchot
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  • “- Steve Dawkins: I think I'm gonna be sick.
    - Hawk Ganz: Well, don't do it on my shirt.
    - Steve Dawkins: It's your shirt that's making me sick.”

    Brian McNamara - Steve Dawkins
    Fisher Stevens - Hawk Ganz
    [Tag:clothes, dislike]
  • “There only two important things in living - finding out what you do well and finding out what makes you happy. And if God is smiling on you, they're both the same thing.”
    Héctor Elizondo - Arthur Willis
  • Listen, Pal, I'll have you know that I know Jujitsu, Karate, Judo, and some other big words, so don't mess with me alright?”
    Matt Dillon - Jeffrey Willis
  • “- Alfred Schultz: So where's my blind date?
    - Hawk Ganz: She'll be here! They're coming all the way in from the Bronx.
    - Alfred Schultz: So what? Are you fixing me up with a bimbo?
    - Hawk Ganz: Oh no, they're young girls... bimbettes.”

    Bronson Pinchot - Alfred Schultz
    Fisher Stevens - Hawk Ganz
  • “- Arthur Willis: What are you looking at? Eat your halibut and mind your own business.
    - Jeffrey Willis: Yeah, eat your halibut and mind your own business.”

    Héctor Elizondo - Arthur Willis
    Matt Dillon - Jeffrey Willis
    [Tag:attitude, eating]