“The Foot Fist Way” quotes

Movie The Foot Fist Way
Title The Foot Fist Way
Year 2006
Director Jody Hill
Genre Comedy
Plot – Fred Simmons is a skilled taekwondo fighter who teaches in a small school of North Carolina, especially to children. He's very respected and he nourishes a reckless admiration for his wife Suzie. When Fred discovers she has betrayed him, he challenges his rival and Julio Chavez, one of his pupils, helps him to distract himself.
All actors – Danny McBride, Mary Jane Bostic, Ben Best, Spencer Moreno, Carlos Lopez, Jody Hill, Ken Aguilar, Collette Wolfe, Jeff Hoffman, Deborah Loates, Danielle Jarchow, Juan-Carlos Guzman
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  • “- Julio Chavez: Who do you think would win in a fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck the Truck?
    - Fred Simmons: What are you kidding? The Truck - easy. He's the eight year undefeated kickboxing champion. Can Bruce Lee say that? No. Bruce Lee is dead.”

    Spencer Moreno - Julio Chavez
    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
  • “This trip we're going on is for men and not little boys. You guys are gonna see things you never saw before. So when we get back no one is going to tattle, right Julio? Cause I'm gonna do a lot of bad things. And you guys aren't gonna to stop me.”

    Jody Hill - Mike McAlister
  • “If you were in prison, you'd be raped because you exude feminine qualities. You're also a big ole fat piece of ass.”

    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
    [Tag:charm, danger, women]
  • “I'm so hungry I could eat a grown man's ass right now!”
    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
  • Meditation is terrific and all, but I've never heard of it saving anyone from a gang rape type situation. Meditate on that. Rape.”
    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
    [Tag:meditation, rape]
  • “- Suzie Simmons: Hey you guys are stretching? I just finished doing that.
    - Fred Simmons: You just get back from working out?
    - Suzie Simmons: No, I just got back from church you fucking retard!”

    Mary Jane Bostic - Suzie Simmon
    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
    [Tag:exercise, mocking]
  • “Tae Kwon Do is terrific for keeping in shape, but it's also a deadly serious killing system.”
    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
    [Tag:killing, strategy]
  • “Dentistry? I can't even believe that's something that's real.”
    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
  • “- Fred Simmon: I wanna sell this car, I wanna get rid of it, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna unload it on any little yahoo that comes in here off the street, thinking this car's neat-o. I wanna check your credentials. I gotta know what kind of man you are. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?
    - Man Who Buys Car: Well, I've always...” (continue)
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    Danny McBride - Fred Simmons
    Paul C. Hill Jr. - Man Who Buys Car
    [Tag:cars, deal]