“The Odd Angry Shot” quotes

Movie The Odd Angry Shot
Title The Odd Angry Shot
Year 1979
Director Tom Jeffrey
Genre Comedy, War, Action
All actors – Graham Kennedy, John Hargreaves, John Jarratt, Bryan Brown, Graeme Blundell, Richard Moir, Ian Gilmour, Graham Rouse, John Allen, Tony Barry, Brandon Burke, John Fitzgerald
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  • “It's the poor man, the shit-shoveler with the arse out of his pants and two bob in his pocket that makes Australia. Every time trouble starts, there he is, standing like a fool at the recruiting office with his hand out for a rifle, while the rich boys are at home hanging on, waiting for a commission or their fathers to get them into a safe job....” (continue)(continue reading)
    Graham Kennedy - Harry
  • “- Bill: I can't find the hole.
    - Harry: You could if it had hair 'round it.”

    John Jarratt - Bill
    Graham Kennedy - Harry
  • “- Bung: You reckon we're doing any good by being here?
    - Harry: Not much.
    - Bung: Why not?
    - Harry: Because when we get home we'll be an embarrassment to our great nation, the only bastards who'll want to know about us are the silly buggers in this man's army; let's face it, we have no one else.”

    John Hargreaves - Bung
    Graham Kennedy - Harry
    [Tag:prejudice, return, war]
  • “- Prostitute: You like me?
    - Bill: Yeah.
    - Prostitute: You very big.
    - Bill: I bet you say that to all the heroes.
    - Prostitute: Come, we lie down.
    - Bill: No, we stand.
    - Prostitute: You crazy?
    - Bill: Probably.”

    John Jarratt - Bill
  • “- Harry: Cookie, do you know why they call cooks fitters and turners?
    - The Cook: No, why?
    - Harry: 'Cos you fit food into pots and turn it into shit.
    - The Cook: Up your arse!
    - Harry: Be nice to me Cookie or I'll piss in your scrambled egg.”

    Graham Kennedy - Harry
    Graham Rouse - The Cook
    [Tag:insult, threat]
  • “- Bung: Do I detect the unmistakable tang of Ye Olde Tiger?
    - Harry: Bung, you could sniff out a can of beer from half a mile away.
    - Bung: Just one of my many talents.”

    John Hargreaves - Bung
    Graham Kennedy - Harry
  • “- Bung: What about the people back home?
    - Harry: I suppose it'll be just like it's been after every other war.
    - Bill: How's that?
    - Harry: A few pods will come up and pat you on the back and tell you what a great bloke you were, that'll last about a week and then nobody will want to hear about it.”

    John Hargreaves - Bung
    Graham Kennedy - Harry
    John Jarratt - Bill