“The Pink Panther” quotes

Movie The Pink Panther
Blake Edwards directed this movie in 1963
Title The Pink Panther
Year 1963
Director Blake Edwards
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Princess Dala owns a magnificent and famous diamond called the "Pink Panther". She is spending a holiday in a charming mountain chalet, where she meets Sir Charles Lytton, an aristocratic playboy who begins to woo her. The man however has a relationship with Simone too, the wife of a funny and quirky police inspector, Jacques Clouseau, in charge of revealing the true identity of a famous international thief. When George, Sir Charles' nephew, arrives too he has to face a disturbing truth: the thief wanted by the police all over the world is his same uncle, who's plotting the theft of the legendary "Pink Panther". The coup fails but uncle and nephew end up arrested for a minor car accident. At the trial, the witness against them is just Clouseau. What will happen if Simone and Dala agree to restore Sir Charles' freedom? And what will happen if it will be discovered that inspector Clouseau himself has the diamond?
All actors – David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, Capucine, Brenda de Banzie, Colin Gordon, John Le Mesurier, James Lanphier, Guy Thomajan, Michael Trubshawe, Riccardo Billi, Meri Welles, Martin Miller, Fran Jeffries, Claudia Cardinale, John Bartha, William Bryant, Mario Fabrizi, Eugene Walter, Wael Zuaiter
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