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Movie Switch
Blake Edwards directed this movie in 1991
Title Switch
Year 1991
Director Blake Edwards
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – Steve Brooks is used to treat his girlfriends as simple pastimes and to avenge themselves, the girls kill him. In the afterlife, Steve is proposed to return to earth to find at least one person who loves him to avoid hell, but he will do that reincarneted in a woman's body. He calls himself Amanda and pretends to be Steve's sister and works in his previous office. She receives many advances by her colleagues. One night, she gets drunk and spends the night with Walter. When Amanda learns to be pregnant, at first she rejects the idea, then she gives birth to a child. Amanda can finally die and go to heaven.
All actors – Ellen Barkin, Jimmy Smits, JoBeth Williams, Lorraine Bracco, Tony Roberts, Perry King, Bruce Payne, Lysette Anthony, Victoria Mahoney, Basil Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Kevin Kilner, David Wohl, James Harper, John Lafayette, Jim J. Bullock, Diana Chisney, Joe Flood, Emma Walton Hamilton, Louis Eppolito, Yvette Freeman, Dennis Paladino, Téa Leoni, Rick Aiello, F. William Parker, Ben Hartigan, David Gale, Jessie Jones, Herb Tanney, Virginia Morris, Robert Clotworthy, Patricia Clipper, Robert Elias, Michelle Wong, Marti Muller, Mindy Lawson, Kimberly Oja, Teri Gold, Lily Mariye, William Shockley, Jennie Nauman, Annette Quinn, Dena Burton, Michelle Reese, Alana Silvani, Jacki Moen, Karen Medak, Tracy Lambert, Taunie Vrenon, Michael Badalucco, Gregory J. Barnett, Fred Lerner, Jay R. Goldenberg, Faith Minton, Rebecca Wood, Linda Dona, Helena Apothaker, Elena Statheros, Jim Lovelett, Barbara Schillaci, Robert Towers, Tony Genaro, Ross Brittain, Richard Provost, Linda Gary, Molly Okuneff, Lenny Citrano, Ryal Haakenson, Bob Murphy
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