“Trees Lounge” quotes

Movie Trees Lounge
Steve Buscemi directed this movie in 1996
Title Trees Lounge
Year 1996
Director Steve Buscemi
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Trees Lounges Bar' is the meeting point for bikers, workers, old customers and serious drinkers in a New York suburb. Bill is a war veteran and he's an old regular customer. Jakie and Stan are an elderly couple who always argues about everything. Vic is the grumpy and bad bartender. Connie jokes with the customers. Tommy is 31 and he's an unemployed mechanic always ready to meet new girls. His ex-girlfriend Lisa has left him for his best friend Rob and she is eight months pregnant, but Rob doesn't know who's his father. Tommy realizes he has to reorganize his life, meanwhile Bill is hospitalized.
All actors – Carol Kane, Mark Boone Junior, Steve Buscemi, Bronson Dudley, Anthony LaPaglia, Michael Buscemi, Elizabeth Bracco, John Ventimiglia, Steven Randazzo, Suzanne Shepherd, Rockets Redglare, Joe Lisi
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