“Mindhunter” quotes

TV Series Mindhunter
Title Mindhunter
Year 2017
Director Joe Penhall
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – This show is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter. Set in the late 1970s two FBI agents are working on the development of an innovative investigative method and profiling techniques by incorporating psychology, anthropology and sociology because of criminality becoming more complicated and serial killers murdering people without apparent motive. They interview some of the most notorious serial killers and rapists in order to make apprehending and catching such criminals easier in the future.
All actors – Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, Sonny Valicenti, Stacey Roca, Hannah Gross, Joe Tuttle, Zachary Scott Ross, Cotter Smith, Albert Jones, Lauren Glazier
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  • “When you're married, it's a contract. There's children, a mortgage, a house to keep up, almost like a business. Only you can't quit. She can't fire you. Stock goes up, stock goes down, doesn't matter, you're trapped. Unless you want to bring on the lawyers and open Pandora's box. Resentment builds on both sides. A thousand tiny cuts.”
    Holt McCallany - Bill Tench
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  • “We're trying to save women from getting pulled into vans and cut to pieces, not crucify some schoolmarm who hasn't done anything.”
    Holt McCallany - Bill Tench
  • “Psychopaths are convinced that there is nothing wrong with them, so these men are virtually impossible to study.”
    Anna Torv - Dr. Wendy Carr
  • “Butchering people is hard work. Physically and mentally. I don't think people realize. You need to vent.”
    Cameron Britton - Edmund Kemper
  • “I mean, if they admitted that they rape and murder for pleasure, it would destroy them. There's a tension. They need to be seen to have power over someone, and yet circumstance demands that they erase the only witness, which means they have to do the whole thing over again. It must be Hell.”
    Anna Torv - Dr. Wendy Carr
  • “How do we get ahead of crazy if we don't know how crazy thinks?”
    Jonathan Groff - Holden Ford
  • Personality and character far outweigh the presence of psychotic or defective diagnoses. In other words, by extrapolation, are criminals born or are they formed?”
    Thomas Philip O'Neill - Leo Buchanan
  • “You get onto a crowded elevator, and you face the opposite direction, the back of the elevator, and everybody freaks out. They're uncomfortable for reasons they can't even articulate. But if you turn around and face the front, everybody relaxes.”
    Jonathan Groff - Holden Ford
  • “The question is not only why did the killer do it, but why did the killer do it this way?”
    Holt McCallany - Bill Tench
  • “It's a riddle, but it can be solved. It's complex, but it's human.”
    Jonathan Groff - Holden Ford
  • “In reality, when you stab somebody, they lose blood pressure and they leak to death, very slowly.”
    Cameron Britton - Edmund Kemper
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  • “Psychopaths are extremely skilled at imitating human emotions. It's how they manipulate other people, or how they gain power over their environment.”
    Anna Torv - Dr. Wendy Carr
  • “When you go from an abstract idea of murder to the visceral reality, you can no longer be objective. Only when you feel the pain of those victims and their loved ones can you know the magnitude of the choice that killer made. And it's that choice that seals his fate.”
    Rhoda Griffis - Esther Mayweather
  • “Manipulation. Domination. Control. These are the three watchwords of violent serial offenders.”
    John E. Douglas
  • “What else is a criminal except somebody who can't function in society?”
    Anna Torv - Dr. Wendy Carr