“You” quotes

TV Series You
Title You
Year 2018
Creator Sera Gamble
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance
Plot – Based on Caroline Kepnes' best-selling novel of the same name, YOU is a modern 21st century love story that will make you question everything you thought you knew about love. What would you do for love? How far would you go? How far is too far? Joe Goldberg is a charming and brilliant bookstore manager who falls in love with Beck, a pretty and sweet aspiring writer. But soon his love becomes a dangerous obession, as he tries to get closer to her using everything internet and social media has to offer and removing every obstacle, and person, in his way.
All actors – Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, Ambyr Childers, Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Jenna Ortega, Zach Cherry, James Scully, Carmela Zumbado, Nicole Kang, Shalita Grant, Scott Speedman, Travis Van Winkle, Kathryn Gallagher, Adwin Brown, Melanie Field, Danny Vasquez, Daniel Cosgrove, Marielle Scott, Shay Mitchell, Charlie Barnett, Magda Apanowicz, Aidan Wallace, Robin Lord Taylor, Victoria Cartagena, John Stamos, Saffron Burrows, Mark Blum, Hari Nef, Chris D'Elia, Lou Taylor Pucci
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  • “They're dancing while the world burns. Barely notices that it's burning, and why would they? Their weather is just right.”
    Ed Speleers - Rhys
  • “The thing about getting money when you had none is you never really feel you have it.”
    Ed Speleers - Rhys
    [Tag:money, wealth]
  • “Rhys-So you're fairly deeply damaged. Therefore, you're capable of doing real damage.
    Joe-I feel like I'm supposed to be defensive right now, but I'm not.”

    Penn Badgley - Joe
    Ed Speleers - Rhys
    [Tag:defense, pain]
  • “When I was a child, my mother forbade me from crying. If I skinned my knee, fuck, when my grandparents died. She wouldn't look at me unless I was perfectly stoic, hid all feelings, and it just became default.”
    Charlotte Ritchie - Kate
    [Tag:crying, emotion]
  • “Being around British people trying to feel feelings is creepy.”
    Lukas Gage - Adam
    [Tag:england, feeling]
  • “The longer you know somebody, the more cursed you are to see them as human. ”
    Ed Speleers - Rhys
    [Tag:curse, humanity]
  • “You're a romantic. You don't want to fuck. You want to make sweet love. I can see you're trying to seem noble while you hide your true motives.”
    Charlotte Ritchie - Kate
    [Tag:love, romance]
  • “Sometimes things don't work out with the person the way you dream.”
    Ed Speleers - Rhys
    [Tag:dreams, feeling]
  • “You know the worst part about being married is that they actually know you so well that they can just use it for the rest of your life.”
    Tati Gabrielle - Marienne
  • “I should've known the marriage was over two years in when your father stopped wanting to do anal.”
    Saffron Burrows - Dottie Quinn
    [Tag:marriage, sex]
  • “The whole soul mate thing is mostly bullshit. You choose your soul mate. Cary and I, we had some fundamental problems. I didn't even like him for a while, but I decided he was my person, and I made it work. Love is mostly chemicals, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, to activate all three, exercise, eat some protein, and squeeze in eight hugs a day....” (continue)(continue reading)
    Shalita Grant - Sherry
  • “I don't know what happened. I fell so in love with Joe, and now I don't even like him anymore. I mean he makes me feel bad for being me. That's not how your soulmates are supposed to make you feel, right?”
    Victoria Pedretti - Love Quinn
  • “He gets mad at you and he hurts you. He says he's sorry it will never happen again, and he gives you flowers, right? There are a lot of bad men out there, but sometimes you can't tell until it's too late.”
    Aidan Wallace - Little Joe
    [Tag:anger, men, violence]
  • Publicity has a way of flattening, flattening you and the people you love into types, and it's really hard to deal with because nobody will ever let you forget what happened.”
    Victoria Pedretti - Love Quinn
  • “I can't completely cage what's inside of me, or when it bursts out, it comes for blood. Better to feed it just enough to keep it in check, keep it on a leash, take it for a walk, make sure it knows the rules.”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
    [Tag:control, emotion]
  • “I am in the trenches with a woman who jokes about stabbing someone in the eye, but is actually perfectly capable of it.”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
    [Tag:killing, murder]
  • “I was wrong, Natalie. I thought you were the threat to my marriage. But the real problem to my marriage is my fucking wife!”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
    [Tag:marriage, wife]
  • “My job is to be a good husband so that I can be a good father.”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
    [Tag:father, husband]
  • “It’s funny how fate works. I had no idea that the cage I was building all this time was a trap for me. And when I found myself here locked in, i thought this was the end. But that’s not how destiny works. This is just the beginning because this is where i had to be, exactly where i had to be … with you. There you were with your books and your...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
    [Tag:fate, love]
  • “ I am a mess and you deserve better.”
    Elizabeth Lail - Guinevere Beck
  • “At the end of the day, only you know who you really are.”
    Robin Lord Taylor - Will
    [Tag:mind, thinking]
  • “Sometimes I wonder if I understand love at all. The thing transforms us but into what? Love turned me into something else back then with Beck. My hope now is that you can transform me into something better.”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
  • “Being attracted to really smart women is a double-edged sword.”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
  • “It isn’t hard to convince someone you love them if you know what they want to hear.”
    Penn Badgley - Joe Goldberg
    [Tag:flirting, love]
  • “The one thing I know from sitting in this chair all these years is the only people that know a relationship to the core is the people in that relationship.”
    John Stamos - Dr. Nicky