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9/30/19 at 12:01 AM
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  • “- Alyssa Jones: Fucking is not limited to penetration, Banky. For me it describes any sex, when it's not totally about love. I don't love Kim, but I'll fuck her. I'm sure you don't love every girl you sleep with.
    - Banky Edwards: Some of them I downright loathe.”

    Joey Lauren Adams - Alyssa Jones
    Jason Lee - Banky Edwards
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  • “- Ajax: One thing we might get out of Cyrus’ little get together is meeting some strange wool. I wouldn’t mind laying a little something down on the way back.
    - Vermin: You got a one-track brain, you know that?
    - Ajax: What’s the matter, you goin’ faggot?”

    Terry Michos - Vermin
    James Remar - Ajax
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  • “- James Bond: What would I ever do without you?
    - Moneypenny: As far as I can remember, James, you've never had me.
    - James Bond: Hope springs eternal.”

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    Samantha Bond - Moneypenny
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  • “- Jonathan: I don't know Manolo, I think it's hopeless. I'm never going to get laid!
    - Professor: Although that thought may be of great comfort to the women of the world Mr. Moore, as a future veterinarian, you should know that every dog eventually has his day.”

    Anthony Edwards - Jonathan
    David Wohl - Professor
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  • “You have to come, sonny. This is where we're going. Paradise! Two thousand miles from here. Fresh water. Plenty of sunshine. Nothing to do but breed!”

    Syd Heylen - Curmudgeon
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