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Robert Oliver
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Oliver Reed
February 13, 1938
May 2, 1999
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  • “For the love of Jesus Christ! If you wish to destroy me, then destroy me. Accuse me of exposing political chicanery and the evils of the state, and I will plead guilty! But who would not hold back some scraps to prove to himself, in his dotage, that he was once loved?”
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:accusation, guilt]
  • Most religions believe that by crying, "Lord, Lord!" often enough, they can contrive to enter the kingdom of heaven. A flock of trained parrots could just as readily cry the same thing with just as little chance of success.
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:prayer, religion]
  • “- Madeleine: I am a simple person I see the world as I have been taught,yet I would not be afraid to go before God with you even in our sin.
    - Urbain Grandier: You shame me.”

    Gemma Jones - Madeleine
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:seduction, sex, sin]
  • “My lords, I am innocent of the charges. And I am afraid. But I have the hope in my heart that, before this day ends, Almighty God will glance aside and let my suffering atone for my vain and disordered life. Amen.”
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:forgiveness, god, sin]
  • “Call me vain and proud, the greatest sinner ever to walk God's earth, but Satan's boy I could never be. I haven't the humility.”
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:devil, sin]
  • “- Madeleine: St. Paul says that he who marries does a good thing, but he who remains chaste does something better.
    - Urbain Grandier: Then I am content to do a good thing and leave the best to those that can face it.”

    Gemma Jones - Madeleine
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
  • “Lies and heresy. The Devil is a liar, and the father of lies. If the Devil's evidence is to be accepted, the most virtuous people are in the greatest of danger, for it against these that Satan rages most violently.”
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:devil, lies]
  • “- Father Barre: If they are not driven out, your devils might, by their infernal arts, prevent the torture being as excruciating as it should be. Then you would never confess, and your soul would be damned for eternity. Are you ready to confess?
    - Urbain Grandier: I have been a man. I have loved women. I have enjoyed power.
    - Father Barre:...” (continue)
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    Michael Gothard - Father Barre
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:confession, sin]
  • “Anything found in the desert of a frustrated life can bring hope. With hope comes love. With love comes hate. So I possess her. May God help her in her misery and unhappiness.”

    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:hatred, hope, love, sex]
  • “- Sister Jeanne: They always spoke of your beauty, and now I see it with my own eyes and it is true.
    - Urbain Grandier: Look at this thing that I am and learn the meaning of love.”

    Vanessa Redgrave - Sister Jeanne
    Oliver Reed - Urbain Grandier
    [Tag:beauty, seduction]
  • “- Proximo: Can any of them fight? I've got a match coming up.
    - Slave Trader: Some are good for fighting, others for dying. You need both, I think.”

    Oliver Reed - Proximo
    Omid Djalili - Slave Trader
  • “- Natalia: I hate you.
    - Krokov: I am going to save your life. Our story will be that your defection was a ruse to kidnap this Condorman. Our agencies in Monte Carlo and Yugoslavia have already been informed. The failure, however, will fall on Morovich. Of course, we will have to have him killed. We certaintly can't have him going off telling...” (continue)
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    Barbara Carrera - Natalia
    Oliver Reed - Krokov
  • “- Natalia: They sent a top agent. He was good. Very smooth. And very tough. Almost as tough as you, Sergei.
    - Krokov: And his name? Surely, when you were finding out how tough and how smooth he was, you found out his name?
    - Natalia: He called himself Condorman.”

    Barbara Carrera - Natalia
    Oliver Reed - Krokov
    [Tag:flirting, name]
  • “- Gen. Rodolfo Graziani: I want to ask you one question. Why did you keep going for so long? I mean, surely you didn't hope to drive us out of Libya with so little, did you?
    - Omar Mukhtar: We fought you. That was enough.
    - Gen. Rodolfo Graziani: And you cared nothing for the ruination of your country?
    - Omar Mukhtar: You are the ruination of my...” (continue)
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    Oliver Reed - Gen. Rodolfo Graziani
    Anthony Quinn - Omar Mukhtar
    [Tag:country, fighting]
  • “- Natalia: You pig! Do you think that things will ever be the same again between us?
    - Krokov: For the moment, I don't care. But remember, Natalia, while you are here in this comfortable, but inpenetrable fortress, your every move will be watched.”

    Barbara Carrera - Natalia
    Oliver Reed - Krokov
  • Listen to me. Learn from me. I was not the best because I killed quickly. I was the best because the crowd loved me. Win the crowd and you will win your freedom.”
    Oliver Reed - Proximo
    [Tag:freedom, love, people]
  • “- Gen. Rodolfo Graziani: These chains are uncomfortable?
    - Omar Mukhtar: They are... uncomfortable facts.”

    Oliver Reed - Gen. Rodolfo Graziani
    Anthony Quinn - Omar Mukhtar
    [Tag:comfort, prison]
  • “- Venus: I am a goddess! I can do what I like!
    - Vulcan: And I am The God, so shut up!”

    Uma Thurman - Venus
    Oliver Reed - Vulcan
  • “We're all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how but, what we can decide is how we meet that end, in order that we are remembered, as men.”
    Oliver Reed - Proximo
    [Tag:death, manhood]
  • “- Maximus: I am required to kill, so I kill. That is enough.
    - Proximo: That's enough for the provinces, but not enough for Rome.”

    Russell Crowe - Maximus
    Oliver Reed - Proximo
    [Tag:killing, rome]
  • “- Hieronymus Karl Frederick Baron von Munchausen: What's this?
    - Vulcan: Oh, this is our prototype. RX, uh, Intercontinental, radar-sneaky, multi-warheaded nuclear missile.
    - Hieronymus Karl Frederick Baron von Munchausen: Ah! What does it do?
    - Vulcan: Do? Kills the enemy.
    - Hieronymus Karl Frederick Baron von Munchausen: All the enemy?
    -...” (continue)
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    John Neville - Hieronymus Karl Frederick Baron von Munchausen
    Oliver Reed - Vulcan