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9/26/16 at 3:53 PM
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  • “- Michel Michon: I took some Americans from the station to the Hotel George V. I said my meter was broke. Special rate: 100 francs.
    - Daniel: That's a 20 franc ride, tops.
    - Michel Michon: They looked as if they'd stiff me on the tip.
    - Daniel: They won't like the French.
    - Michel Michon: I don't like Americans. We're even.”

    Claude Brosset - Michel Michon
    Thelonious Bernard - Daniel
    [Tag:americans, france]
  • “- Keller Coleman: What were you doin' in France?
    - Earl: Folks over there were havin' a world war. I got invited.”

    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
    Eddie Jones - Earl
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  • “- Keller Coleman: What was it like?
    - Earl: France? I could tell it was, uh... well, it had been a pretty little country. But by the time we chased the Germans off of it, it was all beaten to hell. I think about goin' back. They probably got it all fixed up by now. I'd kinda' like to see it again.”

    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
    Eddie Jones - Earl
  • “- Lord W'ruff: The German Chancellor, Sir. He's just invaded France.
    - King George VI: Good. about time someone did.”

    Leslie Phillips - Lord W'ruff
    Harry Enfield - King George VI
    [Tag:conquest, france, war]
  • “While the people of France lie bleeding, you sit around in your fine clothes trying to deceive me, when you're only deceiving yourselves. You say you are men of God. Yet, you do not see His hand in having guided me through 500 leagues of enemy country to bring you His help. Is that not proof enough? Do you still need more signs?”

    Milla Jovovich - Joan of Arc
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