“Dancer, Texas Pop. 81” quotes

Movie Dancer, Texas Pop. 81
Title Dancer, Texas Pop. 81
Year 1998
Director Tim McCanlies
Genre Drama, Comedy, Family
Interpreted by
Plot – Keller Coleman, Terrell Lee Lusk, John Hemphill and Squirrel have just graduated. Now they have to keep a past promise: moving together to Los Angeles. Their fellow citizens don't accept the population decreases and forbid them to leave.
All actors – Breckin Meyer, Peter Facinelli, Eddie Mills, Ethan Embry, Ashley Johnson, Patricia Wettig, Michael O'Neill, Eddie Jones, Wayne Tippit, Alexandra Holden, Keith Szarabajka, Shawn Weatherly
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  • “- Squirrel: Who's that in the bedroom?
    - Squirrel's Father: Huh?... Oh, her. Met her in a waffle house in Fort Worth.
    - Squirrel: It's good to see that your job huntin' isn't interfering with the really important things in life, like pickin' up strange women.”

    Ethan Embry - Squirrel
    Keith Szarabajka - Squirrel's Father
    [Tag:job, prominence, women]
  • “Hi, Squirrel. Listen, don't be so depressed about choir today, you bein' so terrible in all. First time's always bad. You won't be so quite terrible next week, you'll see.”
    Kendra Payne - Loretta
  • “- Keller Coleman: What was it like?
    - Earl: France? I could tell it was, uh... well, it had been a pretty little country. But by the time we chased the Germans off of it, it was all beaten to hell. I think about goin' back. They probably got it all fixed up by now. I'd kinda' like to see it again.”

    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
    Eddie Jones - Earl
  • “- Keller Coleman: Grandpa, you need me to take care of you.
    - Keller's Grandfather: Horse hockey! I got ten widow ladies just achin' for you to get out of here so they can take good care of me. I ain't gonna' let you spoil it by stayin'.”

    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
    Wayne Tippit - Keller's Grandfather
  • “- Josie Hemphill: This meathere... was it one of our cattle?
    - John Hemphill: Sure! You remember Buster?
    - Josie Hemphill: Buster? We're eatin' Buster?
    - Mrs. Hemphill: Now Josie, at least eat your vegetables.
    - Josie Hemphill: I'm turnin' vegetarian, I swear. At least carrots don't have names!”

    Ashley Johnson - Josie Hemphill
    Eddie Mills - John Hemphill
    Lashawn McIvor - Mrs. Hemphill
  • “- Sue Ann: I'll bet pretty soon some girl's gonna come along, see how nice you are and chase after you 'til you marry her.
    - Squirrel: No, ma'am. It don't work like that. See, women don't chase after nice guys.”

    Shawn Weatherly - Sue Ann
    Ethan Embry - Squirrel
  • “Keller, don't be disappointed if things don't turn out the way you hope. Some folks don't belong in a small town. Some folks... don't belong anywhere else.”
    Eddie Jones - Earl
  • “- Old Fart Rancher: I thought about leavin' town. Had a brother in law who did. He was just about your age. He went out to California, too. You sure remind me of him.
    - Keller Coleman: Yeah? I'll look him up.
    - Old Fart Rancher: He died a few years back. Murdered. In prison.”

    Tennessee - Old Fart Rancher
    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
  • “- Squirrel: The universe was chaos, right? Now, billions and billions of years later, it works out to the point where me and my father 'the drunk' are living in a trailer in the outskirts of Dancer, Texas.
    - Terrell Lee Lusk: So, what's your point?
    - Squirrel: Well, I don't have a point. There is no point, that's my point.”

    Ethan Embry - Squirrel
    Peter Facinelli - Terrell Lee Lusk
  • “That was before I went over there, I was probably a lot like you, I guess. Full of beans. Wanted to see everything, do everything. But, by the time they got through with me over there in General Patton's army, I just wanted to find myself a nice little out-of-the-way corner of the world, get myself a nice comfortable chair... and just sit.”

    Eddie Jones - Earl
  • - Keller Coleman: Do you know what people mean when they say "safe sex"?
    - Keller's Grandfather: Keller, at my age there ain't no such thing. I could keel over right in the middle of it. At my age you don't worry about catchin' somethin'. You worry about finishing up in one piece.

    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
    Wayne Tippit - Keller's Grandfather
    [Tag:health, old age, sex]
  • “- Keller Coleman: What were you doin' in France?
    - Earl: Folks over there were havin' a world war. I got invited.”

    Breckin Meyer - Keller Coleman
    Eddie Jones - Earl
    [Tag:france, war]
  • “- Josie Hemphill: You could go to school over there at Sul Ross. Still live here. You could talk to daddy about that.
    - John Hemphill: We talked about college a few years ago. He told me all a father owes his son is room and board for 18 years. And after that, he's on his own.”

    Ashley Johnson - Josie Hemphill
    Eddie Mills - John Hemphill
    [Tag:father, school, son]
  • “- Terrell Lee Lusk: We're three-quarters of a million dollars... in debt?!
    - Mr. Lusk: Hell, it was even worse last year.”

    Peter Facinelli - Terrell Lee Lusk
    Michael O'Neill - Mr. Lusk
    [Tag:debt, money]