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5/28/02 at 12:59 PM
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  • “- George Banks: Swans?
    - Annie Banks: Yes, Frank thought it'd be nice to have swans waddling around the tulip border.
    - George Banks: We don't have a tulip border.
    - Andrea - the Florist: [handing him a bill] You will.”

    Steve Martin - George Banks
    Kimberly Williams-Paisley - Annie Banks
    Martha Gehman - Andrea - the Florist
  • “- Ford Fairlane: How much?
    - Ticket Guy: 300.
    - Ford Fairlane: 300? You charged the chicks one.
    - Ticket Guy: Hey, they blew me.
    - Ford Fairlane: Heh. 300 coming up.”

    Andrew Dice Clay - Ford Fairlane
    [Tag:funeral, price, sex]
  • “- Gen. Trau: Colonel Braddock, is it not true that during the war there was a price on your head of 5,000 American Dollars?
    - Col. James Braddock: It was more like 20,000. Why don't you tell us why there was a price on my head?
    - Gen. Trau: For your war crimes, of course.
    - Col. James Braddock: For killing assholes like you!”

    James Hong - Gen. Tran
    Chuck Norris - Col. James Braddock
    [Tag:crime, price, war]
  • “- Alec d'Urberville: What's the matter?
    - Tess: A thorn.
    - Alec d'Urberville: Aw, cousin, beauty has its price.”

    Leigh Lawson - Alec d'Urberville
    Nastassja Kinski - Tess
    [Tag:beauty, price]
  • “- The Driver: My price is double.
    - Glasses: Aw c'mon... that's 30% of the take!
    - The Driver: My price... for working with second-raters.
    - Glasses: We'll make you a deal.
    - The Driver: One more thing... you're not coming.
    - Teeth: I don't like that.
    - The Driver: That's the whole idea.”

    Ryan O'Neal - The Driver
    Joseph Walsh - Glasses
    Rudy Ramos - Teeth