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2/9/99 at 2:47 AM
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  • - Labisse: If you ever come back, I will have you thrown out.
    - Carole "Toddy" Todd: Don't make it sound like such a threat. Being thrown out of a place like this is significantly better than being thrown out of a leper colony.

    Peter Arne - Labisse
    Robert Preston - Carole "Toddy" Todd
    [Tag:leaving, place, threat]
  • “- Roy L. Fuchs: I'd like to talk to my brother.
    - Rudy: Well, you're gonna have to talk kinda loud. He left for Miami late last night.
    - Roy L. Fuchs: Miami?
    - Rudy: Yeah. Miami Beach.
    - Roy L. Fuchs: Miami Beach?
    - Jeff: Florida.
    - Roy L. Fuchs: I know where the fuck Miami Beach is, dummy.”

    Jack Warden - Roy L. Fuchs
    Kurt Russell - Rudy Russo
    Gerrit Graham - Jeff
  • “- Eva Crescent Moon Lady: Where you bond for?
    - Arnold Hillerman: You never heard of it.
    - Eva Crescent Moon Lady: Well, Reno is a good place to leave.
    - Arnold Hillerman: The place where I'm going to is a good place to leave.”

    Linda Hamilton - Eva Crescent Moon Lady
    Jason Presson - Arnold Hillerman
    [Tag:leaving, place]
  • “We're not lost, Private... we're in Normandy.”
    Richard D. Winters - Himself
  • “- Rudy Duncan: Sounds pretty mature for twenty-five.
    - Nick Cassidy: Grow up in Detroit, you mature real quickly.
    - Rudy Duncan: Yeah. Either that or those pictures are ten years old.”

    Ben Affleck - Rudy Duncan
    James Frain - Nick Cassidy