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Immagine di Connie Nielsen
Identikit and personal data
Connie Inge-Lise
Last name
Connie Nielsen
July 3, 1965
North American
Zodiac sign
Connie Nielsen movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Connie Nielsen quotes
  • “- Queen Hippolyta: What is your mission?
    - Steve Trevor: To stop the war!
    - Diana Prince: What war?
    - Steve Trevor: The war to end all wars! Weapons far deadlier than you can imagine! Whoever you are, you are in more danger than you realize!”

    Connie Nielsen - Hippolyta
    Chris Pine - Steve Trevor
    Gal Gadot - Diana
    [Tag:end, motivation, war]
  • “- Charlie Arglist: I think Roy Gelles must have found out [about the robbery], and I think he might have killed Vic.
    - Renata Crest: That's terrible!
    - Charlie Arglist: So I was thinking it might be best if I left town, and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.”

    John Cusack - Charlie Arglist
    Connie Nielsen - Renata Crest
  • “- Jim McConnell: There's pressure in here.
    - Terri Fisher: Above Mars atmospheric? That's impossible.
    - Jim McConnell: We're millions of miles from Earth inside a giant white face. What's impossible?”

    Gary Sinise - Jim McConnell
    Connie Nielsen - Terri Fisher
  • “- Sandra: You must feel something?
    - Todd 3465: Fear.
    - Sandra: Fear?
    - Todd 3465: Fear and discipline.
    - Sandra: Now?
    - Todd 3465: Always.”

    Connie Nielsen - Sandra
    Kurt Russell - Todd 3465
    [Tag:fear, feeling]
  • “- Terri Fisher: The genetic difference between men and apes is only three percent. But that three percent gave us Einstein, Mozart...
    - Phil Ohlmyer: ...Jack The Ripper.”

    Connie Nielsen - Terri Fisher
    Jerry O'Connell - Phil Ohlmyer
  • “They bought shiploads of vinegar in Cuba, and in each barrel, they sealed one corpse, and then they sold them as medical cadavers all over Europe. And for a while, that was their principal source of profit. You see, this place has always had a special way of dealin' with profit and death.”

    Connie Nielsen - Osborne
    [Tag:death, europe, profit]
  • “- Seymour Parrish: Nikon... that's a really nice camera.
    - Nina Yorkin: Really? Because Bill keeps trying to get me to go digital and...
    - Seymour Parrish: Oh no, don't do that! I'd... I'd be out of a job.”

    Robin Williams - Seymour Parrish
    Connie Nielsen - Nina Yorkin
  • “It's against my religion to give out personal advice, but you should either sober up or get real drunk.”
    Connie Nielsen - Renata Crest
  • Brave. It means that even when you're scared you control your emotions. You make the fear be really small and tiny.”
    Connie Nielsen - Sandra