• “- Dr. Steele: Oh God. The brain matrix. It's modeled after your own lower brain functions without the higher functions to control them.
    - Coldyron: A brain without a heart... a conscience without recognition... a will without a soul.
    - Dr. Steele: If I miss, you're going to be fighting your own base instincts. To combat pure will, you're going to have to use pure illogic.
    - Coldyron: What do you mean?
    - Dr. Steele: You will have to allow yourself to fail. Use your failure against him! Your failure is his failure. Your weakness is his weakness. Then, only then, can you do something.”

    Jayne Smith - Dr. Steele
    Richard Gesswein - Coldyron
Quote details Movie (R.O.T.O.R.)

5/14/04 at 10:55 AM
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